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Future posts will deal with the following topics.

I live in Florida, and now the experience of hurricane Irma is over. However, I have several things to say about my experiences and the storm in relation to my dream life. I think what I learned will be of benefit to me in the future and will help others prepare for difficult times ahead.

For many years, I have been helping my son deal with health problems. His condition was especially difficult because the doctors were unable to agree on a diagnosis. It has finally been resolved, thanks to a recurring dream he had. I will provide some history of his problems along with the role that his dream played in the final solution. Unfortunately, few physicians have any knowledge of dreams and the role they play in a person’s life. You must do the work yourself, but if you open yourself to this aspect of your life, you will find that solutions are there for every problem. You simply must know how to look.

The stock market is still surging ever higher. However, my last dream concerning the market, which was about a month ago, showed a very dangerous situation similar to the conditions before the 1929 crash. It is not possible to say to what heights the euphoria will drive the market, but the higher it goes without corresponding increases in profits, the more severe the correction is likely to be. I would be happy to say that the market is on a new bull run and things changed so that the crash indicated in my previous dreams is not going to happen if I now saw this in my dreams. However, I have not had any dreams showing this to be the case. If things change, you will see it in a post.

President Trump seems to believe the destruction due to hurricanes Harvey and Irma are anomalies, but I do not think this is the case. I believe budgets for many countries will be strained to the limit as the financial impact of climate change takes its toll.

Many people believe the changes in the tax laws will provide the impetus for greater growth. Perhaps they are right, but I have yet to see numbers that make sense. I see growing budget deficits with decreases in spending for social programs. The government numbers indicate there is little inflation, but rents and house prices are soaring. Consumer debt is back at levels right before the last crash.

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