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A Dream About Edgar Cayce and Climate Change

Last night I dreamed about Edgar Cayce and climate change. In the dream, I was viewing a large chart of some kind describing distinct periods in the history of the earth. There was also some mention of Edgar Cayce and his prophecies concerning earth changes. My attention focused on what was labeled period 6. This period was concerned with the present and near future. An inner voice told me that the weather would get much worse during the next 10-15 years. It said that some current landmasses would be under water due to flooding. I saw the year 2030 as the end of this period.

We have already recently seen a climatologist report telling us to expect severe weather this coming winter in many parts of the United States. Climate change is already affecting many parts of the world such as Myanmar, which is experiencing severe flooding and loss of land. My dream seems to be saying that flooding will get much worse as storms increase.

In the dream, I was aware of period 7, but I did not focus on it to see the content. Perhaps it will be revealed in another dream. As always, there is the possibility that the dream was symbolic of something else entirely. However, the dream is consistent with the weather changes we see occurring and predictions by made by others such as Edgar Cayce and Gordon-Michael Scallion.

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