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Update to Dreams About Food Shortages and Storms

In my post of 5/07/2015, I said that on April 22, 2015 I dreamed about storms hitting South Carolina. There was also a feeling of huge amounts of water in the dream due to continuous rain. Recently, we have seen record amounts of water in the Tampa Bay area due to continuous storms from the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, the area where I live has not experienced any flooding. I do not live in a flood zone, something I checked out carefully before I bought, and the area appears to be safe. However, this is not true of many areas. I watched an interview with the Mayor of Tampa on the local news during which he discussed problems in South Tampa, which has seen severe flooding with many roads and intersections closed. I even heard him use the words climate change as one of the possible causes of all the rain.

I am providing this update to the earlier post because it is possible that the storms I saw in the dream were the storms that have recently affected South Tampa and other parts of the Tampa Bay area. My dream indicated the area was South Carolina, and I associate South Carolina with severe weather that has devastated parts of the coast in the past. If the dream wanted to highlight South Tampa, South Carolina would be a natural association. Also, I received the information in the dream from a TV news report, which is how I received the information about South Tampa. Time will tell if this interpretation is correct. I will continue to watch for any storm activity near South Carolina as the hurricane season comes into full swing. Also, in the dream, I was concerned about this type of weather spreading to other regions around the world, a concern I have felt during the past few days with the flooding in Myanmar (Burma), now under a flood emergency.

The other earlier dream I had on April 19, 2015 mentioned in the previous post was about food shortages in China occurring in two years. I was shown a map of where the food shortages occur, which appeared to be near the central part of the country. If food shortages are literal and do occur somewhere in two years, China may just be an association my subconscious made for the actual area. At this time, I don’t know of any obvious association other than China being the country with the largest population in the world and a rapidly growing economy. Perhaps that association translates into some other highly populated country or area that experiences severe food shortages. The number “two” is often a weak number in dreams and can symbolize division, which may be the cause of food shortages. It does not necessarily refer to a time of two years. Of course, we are already seeing huge problems with food shortages in several regions around the world due to conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and flooding in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

As always, dreams are about the dreamer. The storm dream appeared to tune into to a future event that would have some impact on my life. Sometimes we dream about future events that will be of interest to us, even if we are not directly involved. I suspect this will be the case for the dream about food shortages. It will mostly likely relate to some area of the country or world in which I have an interest, so I will closely follow any major news story related to it.

Of course, the dream may not be about food at all, but since the storm part appears to be literal as an event that occurred, I tend to think the food shortages will be as well.

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