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Paranormal Abilities in Dreams

In dreams, you can experience abilities of the soul that are not obvious in daily waking life. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection are the best known of these abilities. First, I will describe what I mean by each of these.

By telepathy, I mean the communication of one mind to another through a means other than the physical senses. Some may think that this automatically means that someone with telepathic powers can read minds, such as the main character Toby Logan in the TV show The Listener. This is not normally the case. However, there may be times when you suddenly “hear” someone say something to you or about you when no words were spoken. I give an example of this in my book involving a waitress in a restaurant I used to frequent.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things beyond the use of the normal senses, which usually includes the ability to see future events. My precognitive dreams can be considered examples of my clairvoyance while in the dream state. However, this ability does not just relate to the future; I may see events taking place that are beyond the range of my normal senses, such as a family member who is emotionally distraught at the time I dream of him or her.

Astral projection is thought to occur in dreams, although probably less frequently than telepathy and clairvoyance. This phenomenon is an out-of-body experience during which the astral body is said to travel outside the physical body to another location. The astral body is thought to be a replica of the physical body, but consisting of an energy form that is sensitive to feelings and emotions. This body lies between the mental body and soul.

We all have psychic powers as part of our true nature, but for a variety of reasons they are not visible for most people. However, in dreams, we often will communicate directly with another person about issues not discussed in the waking state. Sometimes we are not involved in the discussion, but receive the thoughts of other people about us or some situation that involves us. I have had numerous dreams with both kinds of communications occurring. Consider the following example. Suppose you are have recently starting dating someone, become infatuated, and are anxious to know what your friends think of your new love. You might well have a dream in which you overhear a conversation your friends are having about your situation. As another example, your behavior may have suddenly changed recently leaving your friends puzzled. You may hear their concerns or thoughts expressed in a dream. As a final example, you may be avoiding a situation, thinking that no one has noticed, only to “hear” the thoughts of a close friend in a dream indicate otherwise.

I find that some of the most remarkable dreams involving ESP may involve people who are close to us such as family members. The communication is not necessarily with the family member, but may be with someone else who is involved with the family member. I once dreamed that I met someone I did not know very well in a dream and received a simple message. The message was, “There are things about me you don’t know.” This person was involved with someone close to me, and we both later discovered that there were important things about this person that had been concealed by the individual.

Dreams directly about family members can be extremely revealing. If you are in a committed relationship, and one of you has an affair, the partner is almost certain to see evidence of this is a dream. Also, in dreams, you are likely to see how your partner really sees you, not how you think he or she sees you. You are seeing yourself through the other person’s eyes. In the case of children, if one of them is involved in some forbidden activity such as consuming alcohol or taking drugs, he or she might be able to fool your conscious mind, but not your subconscious. If you see this type of activity in a dream, don’t panic, but do look into it right away.

In addition to family, dreams about someone with whom you have contact can be particularly valuable when they make you aware of hidden motives of the individual that may affect you. If a co-worker is going behind your back to enhance his or her position to your detriment, this will most like be revealed in a dream. You are telepathically picking up his or her real intentions and subversive actions. I once had a warning dream about a colleague who was trying to undermine my position. I was consciously completely unaware of his intent, but the dream put me on guard and in time I saw the reason for the warning. Another time, in an example given in my book, I was tuned into a situation with a contractor that could be considered a telepathic connection with the opinion of several people.

During my years in a management position in a corporation, my dream telepathy benefited me greatly. My job required extensive communication with sales, customers, and third parties. I had responsibilities that involved business units in Europe and Asia as well as America. I quickly learned that some of the norms for business conduct in other countries are quite different from the United States. My dreams helped me understand the cultures of these other countries and made me better at dealing with business and personal issues involving them. Often the dreams were precognitive dreams that alerted me to a situation involving an imminent telephone call, which included the mood of the individuals involved and the tone of the discussion. I was often able to defuse a situation with angry customers or sales people because I was prepared ahead of time through a dream.

In my precognitive dreams, clairvoyance was rather routine. I once saw a house and lot I later purchased in detail in a dream weeks before I saw the actual property. My dream even pointed out the concerns that would, and did, surface when I saw the property. In another dream, described in my book, I entered work one Monday morning and encountered my boss with huge red blotches on his face. The prior night I had dreamed about my boss in exactly that condition.

I found that astral projection is rarer as an occurrence, but it can be induced prior to falling asleep through suggestion in the pre-sleep state. One night, having expressed a desire to experience astral projection prior to falling asleep, I dreamed I was taken on a tour by another man. We approached a train track with a speeding train approaching and he just passed right in front of it without concern. I stopped before the track. He looked at me and laughed, saying that it couldn’t hurt me. We then went to a location where people were assembled and some type of performance was taking place.

In my dreams that may involve astral projection, I am traveling on the wings of thought with remarkable ease and a sense of well-being. Of course, there are those who will dispute that such a thing as astral projection even exists. If you have an open mind, but remain doubtful, I suggest you read There is a River by Thomas Sugrue or one of the other biographies of Edgar Cayce. I am not suggesting that all flying dreams involve astral projection; it is only one possibility. As some authors suggest, it may also mean rising above a situation in your life. Other possibilities will depend on your current life situation and associations with flying in the dream.

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