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An Enlightening Encounter on an Airplane and One's Desires, Soul's Purpose, and Dreams

Many years ago, I sat on a plane that that was scheduled to make a long flight to my final destination. I had already spent considerable time on planes that day and was not looking forward to the final leg of my trip. As I stared at the few remaining passengers looking for their seats just before takeoff, I noticed an attractive young woman coming down the aisle. I was seated in an aisle seat, and the window seat next to me was vacant. I silently prayed, please God, let this seat next to me be hers.

I was quite pleased when she continued on to the seat beside me. Having an attractive woman in the seat next to me offered the prospect of a pleasant flight. However, I soon learned that we often desire things that are not in our best interests. The conscious mind is limited, and we formulate opinions and desires based on limited information. And often even the limited knowledge is not accurate because we misperceive a person’s intent or a situation.

This young woman was a flight attendant on international flights and she was returning to her home base. I quickly learned that she hated her job. She didn’t like the hours, the workload, or the company. I tried to suggest some positive aspects of her job, but she would have none of it. She twisted and turned in her seat, cried frequently, and finally went into a fetal position. During the flight, I learned her entire life history, but mainly how miserable she was in her job.

By the time the flight landed and we parted company, I was exhausted. It was one on my worst flight experiences out of more than a hundred. The only one that compared to it was an international flight where the woman seated next to me held an unhappy baby. She spent the entire time complaining that the baby did not look like her—her husband was a white Caucasian American and she was not—and had only inherited her feet. And she was not pleased that her husband was spared the discomfort on the flight.

My story may appear a bit superficial to some, but it points out an undisputable truth. Whether we are in deep prayer or simply expressing a wish or desire, we often do not know what is in our best interests. Many authors who write about New-Age thought provide a process for achieving one’s desires. Some will show you how to get rich and achieve all of your desires. However, is achieving all your desires in your best interests? Are your conscious desires consistent with your soul’s purpose in this life? What should your desires be?

My answer to the above is first to find your soul’s purpose. Why are you in this life? And the answer to this question can be found in your dreams. If you are sincere and really want to know, you will be told your soul’s purpose. I was shown mine in clear, easy-to-interpret dreams. Then you can examine your conscious desires in light of this knowledge.

If you are someone who prays for answers to a problem, how do you expect to receive an answer? How will God deliver the answer you seek? Certainly, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, one way that God speaks to man is through dreams. First find your purpose in life, and the rest will fall into place. When I pray, and I do pray, I pray for guidance. I have learned over the years that I am often wrong about an early opinion or what is best for me, so praying for something that might not be in my best interest is counterproductive. I pray for insight. I pray for guidance and direction.

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