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Prophetic Dream of an Encounter

About twenty years ago, I sometimes had lunch at a restaurant that offered a salad bar. Normally I would go there on a Friday. One Thursday night or early Friday morning, I had the following dream. I was in a restaurant and I saw a young woman clearing a table. In the dream, her face radiated light with a total glow around her face and head. I spoke to her in the dream, but upon awakening, I couldn’t recall the conversation. I thought the dream a bit odd, but by now had enough experience interpreting my dreams to realize it could well foretell an encounter somewhere on Thursday. On Friday, I decided to go to the restaurant I normally frequented, not because of the dream, but more out of routine. I had actually forgotten about the dream by lunchtime.

The servers in the restaurant would bring drinks and other items that might have been missed at the salad bar, and after customers left, they would clean the tables. After going through the line, I found a table and prepared to eat. I had just started when I heard a voice. Looking up, I saw a young woman who appeared to be around twenty years of age. She asked if I needed anything, and we started talking. It was summertime, and she was working at the restaurant during her summer break from college. I soon learned that she was active in a church and frequently sang during the services and special events. As she talked, it was obvious that she loved singing religious songs. The more she talked, the more her face brightened until she literally glowed.

The young woman had just started working at the restaurant, so this was my first encounter with her. I did see her several more times during my Friday lunches before she returned to school. She discovered my interest in dreams, which fascinated her, so we had many interesting conversations.

We often encounter people in our dreams who we have not met before. Sometimes the meeting remains on the dream level, but it can also be a preview of an encounter with someone the next day, as was the case in my dream. Meetings like the one described are not the chance events most people think, but are played out on a psychic level before finding expression in the material world.

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