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A Cryptic Dream and Expanded Awareness

Last Saturday night I had a cryptic dream about a past president. In the dream, I was talking with a President of the United States. It was not Barack Obama, but seemed to be George W. Bush. I told him that I now knew his secrets. There wasn’t much more to the dream. He listened but did not respond to me.

This dream is interesting for two reasons. It demonstrates an expanded awareness, which I will explain, and possibly has a meaning on more than one level. This dream incorporates something from the next day that I have witnessed on numerous occasions – elements from a TV program or movie not yet seen. Sunday morning I thought about the dream as I had breakfast and began some chores. I could not see how it related to anything that I had recently experienced or been thinking about. Before starting some cleaning, I looked at the TV guide for the first time, which came as an insert in the previous day’s paper. I noticed a 2-hour program on FDR covering the 24-hour period right after Pearl Harbor was attacked. The description said secrets revealed about FDR. I watched the program and realized that my subconscious had incorporated the secrets aspect of the program into my dream. This has happened on many other occasions, where I was puzzled by a dream only to realize it related to a movie I later selected or some TV program.

Now, I believe this dream could be saying more than just showing me it was a precognitive view of a future event. Lately I have been working intensely to better balance my logical deductive abilities with my intuitive ones. Someone who is President of the United States could easily represent my higher mind that, if followed, will lead to a uniting of my states that include the logical, reasoning and intuitive, emotional aspects of myself. My saying I know your secrets in the dream may be my belief that I have uncovered how these states should be united from the perspective of my higher mind. The selection of George W. as the President may simply be my association of him as the last president who took us to war instead of FDR who took us to war in 1941. And the TV program the next day was readily available and perfectly suited to the message the subconscious wanted to deliver.

In the final analysis, the dream interpretation must feel right to the person who has the dream. No one else can say that my interpretation is right or wrong because there are far too many variables that determine the symbols and their significance in a dream. You must discover for yourself how your mind works. When you do, you will find that dreams are not nearly as mysterious as they once appeared to be.

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