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Dream Symbols

In my posts, I have talked about dream symbols and provided some examples of their possible meaning, especially about dreams of one’s physical health. Now it is time to explore further the meaning of symbols and the encoding of messages within a single name or word in a dream. In the construction of dreams your subconscious is extremely creative. Often what appear to be straightforward messages are not and contain hidden meanings. The subconscious works with associations and has at its disposal all of your thoughts and experiences to draw upon.

As an example, consider the following. During my early years of searching for meaning, which included beginning to work with my dreams, I was struggling to find a better path in life, one that provided more satisfaction. In my daily thoughts, I often rebelled against my job, which provided little satisfaction, and overall displeasure with the course of my life. I thought the answer was to find a different job or career or move to a different location, so I was examining my dreams for guidance on what to do or where I should move. My night I had the dream guidance I sought. The dream was brief and I thought to the point. A voice in a dream said I should move to Tallahassee, although I was not aware of any companies that provided a suitable career opportunity. Anyhow, the climate in Florida appealed to me, so I thought I had the answer. However, I was wrong. The answer was hidden in plain sight and very different from what I expected.

I have said in earlier posts and emphasize in my book that dreams are rarely literal, even when they appear to be so. Let’s examine the word Tallahassee. If we parse the word and get a little creative we have T all a has see or The cross has it all—see. I needed to change my attitude. The move I needed to make was a change in consciousness or attitude, not physical location.

In future posts I am going to continue to discuss the meanings of symbols in dreams and provide more examples of the creative associations made by the subconscious. The meaning of symbols is obviously critical to the interpretation of a dream and is an obstacle for most people who try to understand their dreams. It helps to realize that your dreams are about you and your daily life; the answers are found in examining your life in connection with your dreams. Don’t try to separate the two. Also, I emphasize again that dreams are usually not literal, although there are exceptions that I will discuss in future postings.

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