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Dreams, Mental and Spiritual Healing, and Seth

Several posts have focused on health dreams, primarily related to physical health. Most of my discussion was concerned with how dream symbols can relate to our physical health. I illustrated how the state of our health can be depicted in a dream, and how we can receive advice for improving our health. I mentioned the importance of our thoughts in relation to our health, but I did not begin to explore the huge field of mental and spiritual healing. Other than the description of my encounter with a famous faith healer, I left this as an open subject. However, this does not mean that I don’t believe in faith healing, but one might naturally ask why we need doctors if all we need is faith. Why don’t our dreams just tell us to have faith? I think the answer has to do with the nature of faith and the readiness of the individual. Even Jesus used a mudpack to cure a person of blindness, which may have been necessary because of the blind man’s level of faith. The questions surrounding faith and mental healing are addressed in the classic work The Law of Psychic Phenomena by Thomas Jay Hudson. This seminal work should be read by anyone with an interest in the mind, healing, religion, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, mediums, or related topics. This book was also recommended by Edgar Cayce to those interested in better understanding what he did during his readings. Healing is not a subject to be taken lightly, and the material in this book should be explored by anyone who attempts to heal himself or another using mental processes.

I have explained what I have learned about my physical health from my dreams, and countless others have turned to their dreams with similar results. My dreams took a holistic approach and provided help and support that I could comprehend and apply in my life. This does not mean that I ignored the mental aspects, and I was often shown that I needed to change by thoughts about some person or subject. And I was constantly urged to follow a spiritual path. However, I don’t think I or someone else could simply decide that his faith is perfect and can heal himself of any affliction. This is especially true when someone weakened by illness lacks the ability to focus on much of anything. Faith is not something that can be turned on or off like a light switch. However, Cayce and my dreams make clear that much benefit can come from the right attitude, and proper autosuggestions can help ward off disease and shorten considerably the recuperation period if one is ill. And perhaps as faith is developed, miracles will be seen.

The Seth presence channeled through Jane Roberts also makes it clear that it would not be a good idea for most people to stop utilizing traditional medicine, even though Seth indicates that most diseases could be reversed by changing the belief system and following certain mental exercises. People need to go to doctors because they believe this is the only way they can get help. They have accepted this to such an extent that even when medication or a traditional approach is not working, they are often reluctant to give it up. They strongly believe in traditional medicine, and to some extent it works. Until they develop other beliefs, they had better stay with it.

Although I mention the Seth material here, I do not recommend that people turn to channeling some presence for guidance in their lives concerning health or other matters. Edgar Cayce made clear why, and The Law of Psychic Phenomena treats this topic as well. Among channeled material, I do think the Seth material is unique, and regardless of the source, provides some excellent suggestions for improving one’s daily life. For individuals open to this and interested in the role of beliefs and thoughts in the formation of their lives, I recommend reading The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts.

I am finished with the dream series relating to physical health. Due to some other commitments, I will not be starting a new series or be making posts for a few weeks, unless I have some unusual dream or insight I think I must share. As usual, any time there is a new post on my website or blog, I will send out a tweet notifying my followers.

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