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Dreams of Encounters with the Dead

Death is a transition we all will experience. However, it is a new beginning and not an end. Dreams can help us understand this transition and prepare ourselves for the new life. My mother passed from a physical existence when her body was a burden and could no longer function in a meaninful way. In my dream, she saw her death as a release from these restrictions. Insights through meditation and dreams into her continued existence have shown me that she is present and aware of my circumstances and is often about me.

After her death, I meditated and had the following experience. A long tunnel of light opened up before me. At the end of the tunnel, I saw my mother accompanied by a luminous being who appeared to be a helper. She waved to me, and after a few moments, her companion indicated it was time to move on and led her away. Since her death over ten years ago, she has appeared briefly in dreams to render advice or assistance. I say dreams because the visits occurred when I was taking a nap, but they were more of a psychic experience than a dream.

Many years ago, I went to a talk given by Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce. He told us about a dream he had as a young man that concerned a friend of his. I will do the best I can in recalling the details, but it was over forty years ago that I heard this story. Hugh Lynn and his friend were out one night driving around in his friend’s car. Hugh Lynn decided to go home and call it a night, despite his friend’s protests. When he went to sleep that night, he had a dream in which a hand came down from the clouds. A voice said, Hugh Lynn come up here with me. It’s great up here. Hugh Lynn recognized his friend’s voice, but told him he could not join him. The next day Hugh Lynn learned that his friend was killed in an auto accident after he left him.

I once dreamed about an elderly woman, who was someone I had not seen in many years. In the dream, I saw her dressed in black. She asked me about a difficult family situation and wanted to know what had happened. I explained the circumstances to her as best I could. She seemed satisfied with the answer and I watched her float upward until she disappeared from sight. A few days later, I learned that she had died around the time of my dream.

From my own experiences and what I have read, death and contact with those who have passed over can occur in many different ways. This is another reason you should interpret your own dreams. You must become familiar with your own symbols and their meaning in your dreams. No one else can do it for you. If you rely on another to interpret your dreams, you are handing the power of your life over to another to decide its significance and actions you should take. I decided many years ago that it was my life and I should take personal responsibility for it. Also, there is a special sense of achievement when you finally get the message and reach that aha moment. Other people can offer advice and tell you things that might be true, but when you become aware for yourself, it is completely different.

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