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Summary Comments on Health Dreams and Subject of Next Post

I have made several posts about dreams relating to one’s physical health. Dreams of this nature are often easy to interpret, and they can be quite direct in their messages. However, in order to benefit, the dreamer has to want to take action and actually follow through. If the dreamer is willing to accept his or her condition and believe that nothing can be done, I can offer little hope that dreams will be beneficial.

A few days ago, I went to a store near me to buy a few items. As I waited in line at the register, three teenagers passed by. Each of the three was obese to the point that huge layers of fat rolled or bulged out of their clothes. It was not a pleasant sight, but one that has become all too common. These young people face the prospect of major medical problems in addition to the effect their appearance will have on their social life and job prospects. When I was a teenager, this sight would have been quite uncommon, and when it was encountered, the person usually had a medical condition. Nowadays, many people seem to accept what was once unacceptable. If I were providing counseling to these teenagers, I would advise them to start recording their dreams. Perhaps dramatic and frightening images in dreams that show their future might get their attention where other methods have failed. The future they see is likely to be all too true if they remain on their current path. Although I did not have weight problems at their age, I did have other health issues in my twenties that were addressed in my dreams, which enabled me to make corrections before they became a serious detriment to my quality of life.

We all know that eventually our life on this earth will end. Our bodies will gradually wear out, even if some disease does not claim our lives. So what do our dreams show when physical life is nearing an end? If a loved one is about to pass over, how is this shown in a dream? This will be the subject of my next post where I describe some of my dreams that related to the death of a loved one. The dreams, along with some experiences in meditation, have allowed me to see death as the transformation that it is rather than an end.

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