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Symbols in Health Dreams

As promised, I am now going to focus on some common symbols in health dreams. This will lead into a more general future discussion of symbols in dreams, but for now, I will concentrate on a few simple examples. The physical body is how we experience life, existence, on this earth. The body is marvelously adapted to the environment in which we find ourselves. Our senses allow us to experience life and protect us from harm. We can think of it as the soul’s vehicle to experience life on earth. Now if the body is a vehicle for the soul, what is a vehicle for the body? How does the body navigate on this planet? Some ways involve a vehicle like a car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, or for long distances, a plane. The analogy here is clear: the vehicles I mentioned are to the body what the body is to the soul in certain respects. So it is not surprising that in many health dreams the body is represented by a vehicle such as a car. If you have another type of vehicle, that vehicle may serve the role that a car serves in my dreams.

The condition of cars in dreams often depicts the condition of our physical bodies. Many years ago, one night I dreamed that the battery on my car was dead. This reflected exactly how I felt at the time. I lacked energy to get started in the morning. Another time I dreamed there was a problem with an axle on my car, and there was a problem with a corresponding limb. These dreams simply reflected what I already knew, but other times I dreamed I dropped my car off at the garage for a mechanic to examine and repair. Later in the dreams, the mechanic told me what he found and what was needed to fix the problem. I could relate what was wrong with the car with corresponding areas of my body.

When I started working with my dreams, I made changes to my diet and made sure I had regular exercise. One night I dreamed I had just purchased a new high-performance sports car. Dreams about cars are a quick, clear way for the subconscious to reveal the overall state of the physical body. Sometimes they are just a reminder of the body’s condition, and other times may show that parts of the body are not functioning properly and need to be examined by a physician.

If you are new to dreams, you may naturally wonder what the dreams don’t just comment directly on our physical body. Sometimes dreams do, as I described in earlier postings, but often it is done symbolically. I think there are several possible reasons for this that I will comment on in the next posting.

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