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Two More Health Dreams

Yesterday, I related a health dream that occurred early in my work with dreams. Now, I will relate two dreams that occurred earlier this year as I was finishing my book. I put in some long hours with changes and final editing of my manuscript, and in the process pushed myself too hard. One night I had a dream in which there was a tremendous explosion leaving a huge crater. I was talking with someone in the dream, and the person suggested I could just cover up the crater. I said no, I would have to do the work of cleaning it out first. Shortly after this dream, I began to feel extremely tired and ached all over when I got up in the morning. I did not feel well at all. I thought about the dream and realized I had overdone my efforts with the book. Then a week or two later, I had the following dream.

An adviser appeared in a dream. Sometimes the adviser is a doctor, and other times the adviser appears as someone of authority. The adviser said my health would be completely restored. He went on to say he could guarantee me restored health in six months. He further gave me some suggestions to help with the recovery, which included altering my current schedule and behavior. The aches and lethargy continued for several months, but then gradually improved. In about six months, I was feeling like my old self and the aches were gone.

These dreams show how the subconscious was monitoring my health and providing guidance on how to correct an imbalance. The next dream I relate in a few days will show that the subconscious can go far beyond a response to a health situation that might already be known to the conscious mind. The dream I describe will show that a dream can predict a health problem totally unknown to the conscious mind. It can give the exact timing and correction needed to address an incipient, but not visible, problem.

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