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A Health Dream

Dreams can occur on many levels. Some differentiate the type of dreams by the level of mind that produces it, which I have not done in my book. Some dreams, for example, may be body dreams that reflect the state and condition of the physical body. Others may simply be a rehash of the worry of the day. They are generated by a part of the mind that is close to normal consciousness. And still others that involve a higher level of mind may be views of the future that are referred to as visions. Finally, some may simply be flashes of psychic awareness that reflect conditions and events of interest to the dreamer, and are not considered dreams by some authors. In my book, I lump all of these together as dreams if I was asleep when they occurred.

I begin by giving an example taken from my book of a health dream. This dream is interesting because it identifies a problem and gives an unambiguous solution. It also demonstrates the psychic capabilities of the subconscious. I have found that my health dreams are often the easiest to interpret because they deliver their messages in a clear and concise way with limited symbolism.

From my book, “I also had a prostate problem, and despite several trips to the doctor, I still experienced discomfort. One evening I was reflecting on my problem, and later that night I had the following dream. I was shown the front page of a newspaper. The pages began to turn, and I was shown car after car with comments on the suspension system for each. A voice said that my prostate problem was due to the suspension on the car I was driving. After this dream, I began to focus on my car’s ride and realized it really was quite rough. I wasn’t able to get rid of the car immediately, but later the prostate problem cleared up when I was able to buy another car with a better suspension system."

I can still recall the incredible details given in the dream about various makes and models of cars. Dreams like this have occurred throughout my life and have acted as a constant monitor of my physical condition. Tomorrow, I will relate another dream that is not in my book that occurred this year as I was completing work on my book. It also demonstrates the marvelous understanding the subconscious has of my physical health.

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