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Thoughts About Healing and Dreams

A few comments are in order before I start discussing how to improve one’s health through dream guidance. My own health today in retirement is quite good. Even if I were to discover a critical illness tomorrow, I can look back on my life and work history with gratitude for the many years of good health. I did not miss a day of work due to illness during the last 25+ years of employment. However, this was not always the case. When I was a young man, I had health issues and a weak constitution. I can recall missing nearly two weeks of work due to the flu during my early years of employment out of college. I believe my good health over a long period is due in large part to my dreams and putting into practice the guidance that I received.

In my blog, I will occasionally share information from my life that is not in my book, but complements the material in my book. At other times, I may express some thought that was covered in my book as well. The two stories I related, one about an encounter with Kathryn Kuhlman and the other about a man who had a reading from Edgar Cayce, are not in my book, but I believe they add to my story that is told in The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams. And they are relevant to my discussion of healing through dream guidance.

Now, what do the two stories have to do with dreams? I think they will shed some light on how dreams work to help bring about healing. I believe faith healing is possible, but I also believe that most people are unable to be healed in that way as an instantaneous occurrence. As an example, let’s take a person who has cancer and sees a faith healer for a healing. First, we must ask, is the faith healer really a healer, or like the disciples who could not always heal, despite being with the Master. If the faith healer can heal, does the person believe he can be healed? You might say, of course for why else would they go to see a faith healer? Consciously, the person may think he does, but often it is more a case of the person desperately wanting to believe, but deep down has reservations. And the person may be holding onto his illness because it serves some purpose in his life, so part of him doesn’t really want to get better. I am not suggesting that someone consciously says I want to be sick and feel this bad. However, he may harbor thoughts that are bringing about that result without realizing the connection.

I believe this is why some are not healed in this manner. Now what if the person appears to be healed of cancer, but later on, perhaps weeks or months, the cancer returns. Was the person really healed? I think the answer might be yes, but after returning home he begins to have doubts or perhaps family and friends begin to cast doubts about his healing. So the negativity builds, and what do you think happens? The cancer returns. To understand how Jesus created the proper environment for healing, I suggest you read Physical Manifestations and Philosophy of Christ by Thomas Jay Hudson. This book is a continuation of the classic work Law of Psychic Phenomena.

Whether we are “saved” or healed by a faith healer, we cannot return to the state of mind we were in before that event if we want the effect to be lasting. If a person has cancer due to his lifestyle, which can include bad diet, smoking, and inability to handle conflict and emotions, and is healed by a faith healer, he will just develop the cancer again unless he becomes a changed person. He cannot go back to his old lifestyle.

The same is true of enlightenment. Someone can become enlightened during meditation, but it does not place the person in an elevated state for the rest of his life. He must treat each moment as new, and if he slides back into negative thoughts or actions, he can lose ground. During my lifetime, I have seen these situations where reversals occurred for both healing and enlightenment.

Dreams take a balanced approach. Since your subconscious knows all your habits, desires and actions, it can treat problems on the proper level. It your illness is due to a bad lifestyle that includes poor diet and lack of exercise, it will deal with these causes. And if it is due to your state of mind that includes negative thoughts, perhaps hatred and deep resentment, it will deal with that problem. If you suffer from poor health, there may be multiple causes and they will all be reflected in your dreams. Your dreams may recommend a certain type of doctor, advise you to change what you eat, show you the effects of lack of exercise, and show you that you will not heal until you learn forgiveness. Deeper problems that are congenital may show karmic effects being played out in this life.

You can’t fool your subconscious, but you can fool your conscious mind in a variety of ways. Dreams attempt to remove these illusions so you may experience life more abundantly and enjoy the good health to which you are entitled. Now, I am not suggesting that a few dreams are going to suddenly cure a major affliction, but you will start to receive guidance and support for your health issues and may be able to cause a remission or reverse a debilitating illness. Like the Cayce approach for the man in my story, results can take time. However, small strides each day can eventually turn into a major improvement. You may want to have that one encounter with a healer that suddenly makes you whole, but the reality is there may be things in your own mind you don’t fully understand that are preventing this from happening. Your dreams will help you uncover these issues and help lead you to a better life. And most important, your dreams, if heeded, will prevent you from getting certain diseases that will be in your future without corrective action. The key is to be sincere about wanting help with a willingness to change. Your purpose cannot be a selfish one if you want to have positive results. Next week I begin to relate some specific examples of dreams that addressed health issues in my life. This show you the many ways the subconscious can provide health guidance through dreams.

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