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Conclusion to Encounter with Kathryn Kuhlman

Ms. Kuhlman walked up to me, said a brief blessing, and touched me on the forehead. Seconds later, I too was lying on the floor along with numerous other people. So what happened? What caused me to collapse like the others I witnessed? From observing the event, one might get the impression the people were zapped by some mysterious force or charge and rendered unconscious. I think this would be a misunderstanding of what really happened. I never lost consciousness. When she touched my forehead, I saw a band of light that that moved across my visual horizon like a curtain of light moving horizontally across a window. As the light moved across my horizon, I felt the most gentle, caring cleansing or washing away of every care and concern in my life. I was free of all fears and problems. I fell like the others because I was so relaxed by the removal of all the stress built up over the years that I fell into the arms of the catchers. I was not knocked to the floor; I was relaxed to the floor. I recall that as I lay on the floor, I was aware of the audience. But I didn’t care that I was lying in front of thousands of people. I felt wonderful.

Now, I didn’t go to the crusade for a healing. I didn’t have any major health problems that I thought needed to be healed. However, many people with serious illnesses in the audience thought they were healed. I have no way of knowing if healings occurred on that day. A doctor who did follow-up studies of people who claimed they were healed by Kathryn Kuhlman at one of her crusades did not find any evidence that they were healed. Clearly, something happened there that day. This type of faith healing is reminiscent of healings performed by Jesus as described in the New Testament. So were the people healed that day, but later relapsed back into their illness? If so, why did this happen? Or did the healings not really occur at all? Kathryn Kuhlman was very controversial during her life and had some major detractors. However, I cannot deny what I experienced there that day.

I related this story because it illustrates one view of and approach to healing, and it has some relevance to what I have learned about healing through my dreams. Tomorrow, I will relate what I was told by a man who had a health reading from Edgar Cayce. The approach taken by Cayce is different from that of a faith healer, but faith still plays an extremely important role in his recommendations. The Cayce approach is holistic. In fact, Edgar Cayce is considered by many to be the father of modern holistic medicine.

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