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Dream Benefits and Avoidance

Now, if you follow my suggestions or those of some other source and begin to remember your dreams, what do you do? What can you expect from your dreams?

I indicated in a previous blog that dreams are for the benefit of the individual. This is a strong theme in metaphysical writings and confirmed by scientific studies. This benefit can affect all aspects of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual. As you remember dreams, you are beginning to tap into an immense reservoir of knowledge and uncover forces with a power that often transcends your conscious understanding. Your dreams can help heal your mind and body, if you are open and sincere about seeking help from this source. In my book, I describe how I improved my health, removed mental blocks, and gained in spiritual understanding through my dreams. As I said earlier, my approach to dreams was a practical one, and these benefits occurred in real, measurable ways.

If we all have this fantastic source of help at our disposal, why don’t more people incorporate dream study into their daily lives—I have encountered few people who even attempt to do what I have spent over forty years doing. Dreams appear to be a magic genie, and I think most people would want that. So why don’t they pursue dreams? I believe there are many reasons people ignore their dreams. The main reasons I have observed during my life are the following: ignorance about dreams, disbelief, fear, unwillingness to change, and limited time.

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