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An Early Precognitive Dream?

In my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams, I discuss what I said was my first precognitive dream. Actually, this only applied to my adult life. I did not mention a clear memory of a recurring dream as a young child. My father was still alive, so I was at most five years old, my age when he died. In the dream, the scene was one of winter, which I found familiar living in Vermont. I saw an enormous ball of snow and ice that started rolling down the hill toward our house. It reached the house and began crushing everything in its path.

After my father died, my life and my brother’s life rapidly changed from one of comfort and security to one of scarcity and fear. My mother was overwhelmed with medical bills, and she had not been in the work force for nearly twenty years. She soon was working several jobs to buy the basics and keep us in our house. Calls from bill collectors became common, and doing without what many of our friends took for granted was just accepted. Our house or standard of living had been crushed by my father’s death, and I no longer had the recurring dream.

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