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Psychic Development, Meditation, and Dreams

The famous 20th century seer Edgar Cayce once responded to a person’s question about how to better develop his psychic ability by saying that he should meditate. He then went on to say one should seek to develop one’s intuition, rather than seeking psychic powers. The focus should be on developing the Christ Consciousness and listening to the still small voice from within. The development of psychic powers should be for constructive purposes, not to satisfy selfish desires.

It has long been known by those immersed in mystical practices such as meditation that the development of psychic abilities is a natural byproduct of this practice. Such experiences were not limited to adherents to Eastern religions; Christian mystics such as Saint Teresa of Avila knew this as well. She taught that people should look within themselves to find God and they should be guided by the voice from within.

Meditation also has a powerful influence on the nature of one’s dreams. If you want to get the most guidance from your dreams, then you should begin a daily program of meditation. You will find deeper and more profound dreams. And rather than just focusing on your daily activities and challenger, spiritual messages and guidance will emerge.

We are all experiencing a troubling time with the coronavirus. It is essential that we learn how to reach that place of security and peace within ourselves, and open up channels for guidance on critical issues facing us. Our egos are limited; our conscious minds are limited. It has taken a year for science to develop vaccines for the coronavirus. We have lost half a million lives in just the United States. Someday we may face an infectious disease with an even higher death rate. Despite numerous warning from world health organizations about the possibility of a pandemic, the world was unprepared.

If you want to be prepared for what the future will bring, learn to look within through meditation and a study of your dreams. The two are interconnected, and you can find guidance through both. Otherwise, you are just like a ship bobbing on a sea of random turbulence. Your fate is left to chance and you will live in fear of the next moment.

You may not be able to avoid plagues and natural disasters, but you will be secure within yourself and be guided to your best course of action. While your conscious mind may flail about seeking answers, a deeper level of your mind has the answers. You just need to learn how to access that level. You will not find it in science or traditional religion. But if you sincerely seek, you will find it in yourself.


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