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My Dreams about Earth Changes

In a previous post, I promised to provide my dreams about earth changes in one place. This post contains the main dreams I can recall that relate to dramatic changes in the surface of the earth or climate. Of course, it is possible that some of the dreams I have had about Earth changes are not literal and instead relate to events in my life. Ones that are questionable are not included. I have high confidence that the ones listed contain literal messages.

The first clear dream that I can recall occurred early in my teenage years and was the most dramatic of all the dreams. Today, I can still recall how frightened I was upon awakening from the dream. The dream was a preview of my life and indicated the course it would take, much as described in The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams. The very work I have been doing late in my life was previewed in this dream so many years ago. I was frightened upon awakening because of the last part of the dream, which focused on the later years of my life. The Earth was in turmoil with mass hysteria prevalent as earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions were wreaking havoc. Panic was the norm, as many believed it was the end of the world. In the dream, I told people to pray, to turn to God.

Some twenty or more years ago, I had two dreams about specific locations that would be affected by Earth changes. In one, I was looking at Seattle Washington, which was devastated by a large nearby earthquake. The needle part of the Space Needle had broken off and was lying on the ground. The entire downtown of Seattle was flooded.

The next dream occurred while I was in Tampa, Florida, after a business trip. I recall awakening from my sleep in a motel with the clear memory of a dream about the area. A voice said, “This area will not be safe after the Earth axis shifts. It will be inundated.”

Regarding the dream about Tampa, which I currently live close to, you may wonder why I would choose to live in this area after having such a dream. Strange circumstances can occur in a person’s life, and they brought me to this area. However, I am currently making plans to leave Florida soon for a number of reasons, not just the threat of being under water.

I believe I had the above two dreams because I was thinking about the area or in the area, in the case of Tampa. The effects of climate and Earth changes will not be limited to these areas. Events in my life just happen to trigger dreams about these areas.

Some of you may have questions about what an Earth axis shift means. Details about the nature of the shift were not provided, but from scientific measurements, we know that the magnetic north pole has been shifting for several years. And sometimes a dramatic shift occurs where the north and south poles are reversed. Hundreds of thousands of years occur between such flips, but the scientific evidence indicates that we are overdue. Another type of shift can occur as well, which is a shift in the tilt of the Earth axis. My belief is that one of these events will occur rapidly and cause cataclysmic events.

People have been predicting Armageddon for hundreds of years, and the human race is still here. I am not predicting or even suggesting the end of the world is coming soon. However, I do believe that major changes will occur as we complete one cycle and begin a new one. This view is reinforced by the following dream.

On August 17, 2015, I dreamed about Edgar Cayce and climate change. In the dream, I was viewing a large vertical panel that contained a chart of some kind describing distinct periods in the history of the Earth. There was also some mention of Edgar Cayce and his prophecies concerning Earth changes.

My attention focused on what was labeled Period 6. This period was concerned with the present and near future. A voice told me that the weather would get much worse during the next ten to fifteen years. It said that some current landmasses would be under water due to flooding. I saw the year 2030 as the end of this period. Then a new period would begin.

The above dream is one of the reasons I have emphasized the importance in having a government that prepares for what could be monumental disruptions in our way of life. From the timeframe given, you can see that if the next administration in Washington does not prepare this nation for an existential threat, a new administration in 2025 may find it too late to help the many people affected. By then, we would be more than half way through the period ending in 2030.

I think that it is important that we move away from fossil fuels. But I do not think that at this late date we can prevent much of what is already starting to occur. I believe we need detailed plans at the federal, state, and local levels for dealing with worse case scenarios. With the coronavirus, the world has seen what lack of preparation means. The high death count and huge loss of jobs has have wreaked havoc on many families. Some people have been able to stay home to avoid it. They can work from home and have their groceries delivered. But with massive disruptions from climate change, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, you may not have a home to stay in, a grocery store to access for food supplies, or a job.

The election has been called for Joe Biden, although Donald Trump has not conceded and continues to challenge the results. Regardless of the winner, I urge you to take climate change seriously. As many people in California and other states have found, a natural disaster can take away your home and sense of security in an instant with little or no forewarning. Climate change is real, and science is quite clear about the cause. Higher temperatures and longer dry seasons are wreaking havoc in many states and the situation is projected to only get worse. The number of named storms this season has tied a record and now Florida is facing another potential hurricane.

The federal budget deficit for the fiscal year recently concluded was a staggering $3.1 trillion. And because of the coronavirus, another large stimulus package may be needed, which will mean an enormous budget deficit for the current fiscal year. Where will the money come from when the losses due to climate change reach trillions of dollars?

World health organizations started warning about the threat of a pandemic many years ago, but governments took little action to actually prepare. We cannot afford to make that mistake again. Fortunately, Joe Biden appears to have been elected as our next president. He recognizes the seriousness of the threat, and he has a plan to address climate change. I don’t know if he has any contingency plans for the potential relocation of parts of the population because they live in areas that are no longer habitable. But I think this must be part of the final plan.

The Democrats may not control the Senate. It will not be decided until January of 2021. So the Senate may thwart Biden’s attempt to get meaningful legislation through Congress to deal with climate change. You can help by contacting your representatives to urge them to take this threat seriously.

I hope to have a dream about what to expect in the near future concerning Earth changes and weather. Temperatures continue to rise and storms are increasing in frequency and magnitude. But we have not yet seen the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions I witnessed in the dream during my early teenage years. However, other futurists such as Gordon-Michael Scallion have also seen these occurrences in their dreams. But change is always possible, although things are trending in the wrong direction. If I do have another dream that is consequential concerning Earth changes and weather, I will add it to this post as an update.

Unfortunately, society seems to be very short sighted. We only look a few months ahead, and already many think the coronavirus will soon end. Climate change is almost forgotten by many. Financial analysts are predicting new highs for stocks next year. Yet, every time scientists look at the effects of climate change such as the melting of Artic ice, they have to revise their estimates to show a more rapid increase than previously thought. We are out of time. Changes in weather are happening now. They are not something that may happen in ten or twenty years.


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