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Meeting Yourself in a Dream

Some believe that all of the people we encounter in our dreams are aspects of ourselves. I do not believe that this is the case, and I have provided numerous examples in my book The Inner Guru to refute this claim. However, there are many times when people in dreams are aspects of ourselves and sometimes we encounter an individual in a dream who represents our subconscious in a very direct way. The best way to illustrate this is with the following dream I had a few weeks ago.

The dream was quite concise. In the dream, I was with a man with whom I had worked for many years. I believe the setting was that of an airport. We had met and we were having a discussion. He said, “I am taking a new job in Kansas City.” This surprised me because previously I had never heard him express any interest in going to Kansas City. This was the entire substance of the dream.

Let’s examine this dream to try to get at the meaning. First, people in our dreams are not just random selections. Each person who appears is selected by the subconscious because of some association with that person. In this case, the individual has the same first name as I do, and he has the same starting letter for his last name. His initials are JD as our mine. So I have reason to believe that this person may be an aspect of my subconscious mind that is delivering a message to me.

Now, if so, what is the message? In The Inner Guru, I state that dreams are rarely literal with some notable exceptions. So I am probably not going to take a job in Kansas City. Then what could it mean? I have learned over the years that names in dreams are often coded messages. What else is known about Kansas City? What can we do with the words? One thing that became clear to me is the fact that the initials KC are often referred to instead of the entire name. So I thought about what KC means to me. The next step was easy. My own introduction to dreams came from a study of the readings of Edgar Cayce. And my books contain many references to Cayce. The pronunciation of Cayce is like “Casey.” I believe the dream was simply saying I was about to undertake a new effort involving the work of Edgar Cayce.

My interpretation is further supported by a dream I had last year in which I was in what appeared to be a convention center in front of a display of information about Edgar Cayce and his work. I was told that this would occur in the March/April timeframe of this year. With me was the same individual who appeared in my recent dream.

Dreams prepare us for changes in our lives. The future does not just spring unexpectedly on us from moment to moment. It is known on a psychic level long before it is experienced in the corporeal world. If you want to know yourself and to see your likely future, you should pay attention to your dreams.


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