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Dreams and the Courage To See

I have been working with my dreams for over fifty years and I am still learning. Despite my mistakes and shortcomings, I have experienced great success and reaped numerous benefits. Over the years, I have known other people who tried to interpret their dreams without much success. I believe the reason for their lack of success is that they dabbled. Before studying your dreams, you must ask yourself if you really want to know what they are saying. Are you serious about deciphering their messages?

In my books, I describe several reasons why more people don’t study their dreams. I believe that one of the key reasons is their desire to remain in their bubble—the world they have created that they rely on to function each day. Some call it area or domain of comfort. The world they see is the world they have created and only really exists in their minds. But it is a world they are comfortable with and anything that challenges the reality of that world makes them feel threatened.

Their dreams will challenge the reality of that world and will question some of their most cherished beliefs. Their beliefs and actions will be judged each night by a wiser aspect of themselves, and the appraisals fed back in the form of dreams. They cannot fool their subconscious minds because the subconscious knows everything they think and do. The subconscious knows when they are engaged in some belief or activity that is to their detriment, or one that may be a hopeless fantasy regardless of what they consciously think about it.

I have not encountered many people who really want to face themselves—to remove all the illusions. I believe that most people would rather not know what the future brings, especially if they believe bad things may lie in their future. If their dietary habits will result in an early death, they would rather not know, continuing their daily existence as if everything is OK. Or if their relationship with a spouse or partner will not succeed, they would rather not know. They may say they want to know, but when a dream occurs that may relate to an early death or failed relationship, they usually become afraid and just want to push the dream out of their mind.

Of course, people are happy to hear about the good things that will come to them. And they are reflected in our dreams as well. But much of what we experience is to help us grow, to enlarge the bubble, and in some cases to completely remake how we see the world. But people resist change to their bubbles. They don’t want to change because it can be scary and uncomfortable. They often are willing to live with the pain they know rather than risk experiencing a pain they don’t know.

Success with dreams requires a willingness to see yourself as you really are—not as you hope you are or would like to be. Initially, this can be a painful process because the dreams are likely to focus on areas where change is needed. The feedback from dreams may not be welcome, particularly if the conscious mind has spent a long time justifying a detrimental behavior or belief. But progress cannot be made until the message is acknowledged and acted upon. The dream advice must be incorporated into daily life to be meaningful.

You must have the courage to see yourself. You will find talents you did not realize you possessed and praise for your real achievements, which are often related to help you provided to others. But you will also see areas where improvement is needed and receive stark warnings about any dangerous and hateful behavior. You will be shown what you need to do to progress spiritually, which may be at odds with your current lifestyle.

You can have a successful life as the world judges it without any help from your dreams. But that life may not be the life you were intended to live. It may not offer you the greatest growth as a person. If you want to step outside of your bubble and see your potential, you must be willing to have the courage to see yourself as you are. You must be willing to see the truth, which is revealed in your dreams.

I believe that these trying times have shown many people just how quickly circumstances in our lives can change. And they have revealed that governments are limited in what they can do to solve our problems and meet our needs. We have seen an enemy of microscopic size bring nations to their knees. Great advances have taken place in technology, but technology is not God or a competitor with God. Its limitations have become all too apparent. Human behavior has resulted in a pandemic, and human behavior (here I include our diets and our overall approach to maintenance of our health) must change for us to avoid future tragedies that may have even more dire consequences than the coronavirus.

I believe the answers are found within our own minds. They are found in the deeper layers of consciousness that few understand. Our dreams give us access to those levels of consciousness and can provide help during the most trying of times. They reflect the essence of who and what we are. They provide the answers that many so desperately seek, but are afraid to find.


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