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A Storm Is Coming

I had an unwelcome dream last night. Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged and psychologically I think we must prepare for a challenging situation. I do not think the dream pertains to only my individual situation because other people were in the dream who were also in danger. So I recount part of the dream here.

The danger seen was in the form of an approaching storm, and it was part of a more involved dream. However, I only focus here on the approaching storm. I had left a meeting held in a large conference room and walked to some floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the area below. The floor I was on was the top floor in a high-rise building. As I looked out of a window, I saw an enormous formation of black clouds rapidly moving toward the building. People began running from all directions. Frightened, I rushed to the elevators where another man was trying to open the door to the stairwell. He looked at me and said, “Don’t take the elevator. It isn’t safe. We need to take the stairs. He had trouble opening the door, but I think he finally got it opened. Then the dream ended.

The last time I had a similar dream was a few weeks before the coronavirus hit. At that time, I did not post it because it lacked detail and could have just involved my individual situation. This dream also does not provide detail about the nature of the storm, but throughout my life I have learned that such dreams are strong warnings and not to be taken lightly. In this country, we are facing many challenges, each one of which could explode into a dangerous situation. Of course, the approaching storm could be something completely unforeseen as well. I got the feeling in the dream that it was approaching very rapidly and there was little time before it hit. With the coronavirus and resulting economic hardships for many people, you may think the storm has already hit. And one storm did, but we may be about to get another one.

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