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A Dream about a Shock Wave

A few weeks after my dream about seismic activity in Florida, I had the following dream. I was with my son in his house in Colorado when an enormous shock wave hit the house. The entire foundation began to shake. I yelled for my son to get down. Then I said it appears to me coming from the west.

That was the entire dream. Now, a symbolic interpretation of the dream would say that the house represents his life, and he is going to experience a great shock. This is certainly a possibility that I do not discount. He has had serious health issues for a long time. But the proximity in time with my dream about California suggests that the two may be related.

My dreams are sometimes literal, and if a mega earthquake were to occur in California or Nevada, it could be felt as far east as Colorado. If this is the meaning of the dream, my comment about the source of the shock coming from the west would make sense. If the dream is about his life, my comment makes less sense.

As always, the answer is often not known until an event occurs that fits the dream. In future posts, I will elaborate on this point. Concerning prophecy, people want answers that are simple and conclusive. However, that is not the way things work. Circumstances concerning our lives and external events in the world are in a continuous state of flux; something that is predicted to occur in the future may not occur because something changed that affected the trajectory of that event. But that does not mean that nothing in the future can be seen because most people do not make decisions that will cause an abrupt change in their future. Many events can be seen as highly probable.

Today, we are seeing the effects of climate change with a record heat wave in the West. And this is only the beginning because the changes needed to prevent this occurrence and others like it did not happen. Governments have been slow to act and now the warnings we received from scientists in previous years about dire consequences if action is not taken are happening. Change is always possible, but the change needed is still not happening. And even with greater urgency and change, we are not going to immediately undo the damage to the Earth and its environment. As my dreams have indicated, I believe that we are facing an extremely difficult decade ahead regardless of our actions.

Recent surveys indicate that the majority of people now believe that climate change is an urgent problem, but many are unwilling to take the necessary actions to minimize its impact (see I think this is a good example of a mental ostrich syndrome; they don’t really see it and what it means for their future lives. It is not enough to simply recognize climate change; we need to take action now and plan for a different future.

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