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You Can Find Answers in Your Dreams

Many years ago when I was a young man, I was seeking answers to the mysteries of life. I was unhappy in my job and wanted to know my purpose in life. I often asked myself the question: What does it all mean? Then I read the book There is a River, the story of Edgar Cayce, by Thomas Sugrue. Something immediately clicked. I now believed that I possessed abilities I was not recognizing. The answers I sought were not far away; they were with me all along.

One of the things that made a big impression on me was Cayce’s claim that we could do everything he did in his readings, if we were willing to pay the price. Edgar Cayce is widely regarded as the greatest psychic and prophet of the last century. He helped thousands of people with various health issues, often critical, to a recovery and better life. Yet he said we could get the same information he received if we paid attention to our dreams and had the right purpose. This led me to a radical change in my life that is described in my memoir The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams.

I did not blindly accept what he said. I put it to the test with a prayerful attitude and the recording and study of my dreams. Now, after fifty years of dream work, I can say without any doubt that what he claimed is true. My health has been reflected in my dreams with regular advice on changes I needed to make to improve my condition and warnings about incipient problems. Nothing happened that was not first “foreshadowed” in my dreams.

Unfortunately, we have become a drug culture. I am not just referring to illegal drugs. I am including prescription drugs where the answer to every health problem comes from a container of pills. Like with COVID-19, we are not proactive in preventing disease. Instead, we are always in the position of turning to more and more drugs to correct something that need not have happened. And the medical community has yet to understand the power of dreams to warn about potential health problems and diagnose illness when it occurs.

I believe that someday dreams will routinely become a part of a program for maintaining good health. And I believe that physicians will use dreams as a diagnostic tool to better understand the conditions causing illness in a person. But that is not the case today. However, that does not mean you need to wait until some prestigious medical institution blesses the use of your dreams for improving your health. Today, they may recognize that a particular dream may be about a person’s health. But I do not believe they realize that our dreams continually reflect our physiological condition and will foreshadow any disease before it manifests physically. This was the claim of Edgar Cayce, something I have observed in my own life for the past fifty years.

In my book The Inner Guru, I explain how your health is reflected in your dreams. I discuss the common symbols for the body and and how your dreams deliver messages about the state of your health. Examples are taken from my own life to show exactly how I benefited physically from my dream advice and came to rely upon it as a monitor of my health.

If you want to give yourself the best chance to remain healthy and avoid colds and viruses, pay attention to your dreams. Be proactive; don’t wait until you have a disease and are in a weakened state. We are seeing our country with its vast resources brought to its knees by a microorganism. The cure for a disease is always more painful than doing the simple things to prevent the disease in the first place. The people most at risk are those with a compromised immune system. But there are things you can do to strengthen your immune system, and your dreams will assist you in that endeavor.

Diet, exercise, and meditation are important for maintenance of a healthy mind and body. If you are ignoring one or more of them, your dreams will remind you of your neglect. And if you are engaged in a dangerous behavior, you will be reminded of that as well. Pay attention to your dreams and you will experience a healthier, more productive life. Throughout this trying period, heed the medical advice and advice of the infectious disease experts. And use the time at home to reflect on your habits and to better align them with ones that promote a healthy life.

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