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Staying Healthy Through the COVID-19 Threat

Many people are worried about contracting the COVID-19 virus, which is causing enormous stress. I think there are some basic things you can do to promote a healthy immune system and minimize your susceptibility to the virus. These include having a good diet, regular exercise, daily meditation, and recording your dreams.

Of course, I recommend these practices for other times as well, but they are particularly important now. Your diet will have a big effect on your ability to repel viruses like COVID-19. As a member, I received an email from the A.R.E. that quoted one of the Edgar Cayce readings that is very relevant. The reading stated, “if an alkalinity is maintained in the system — especially with lettuce, carrots and celery, these in the blood supply will maintain such a condition as to immunize a person.” (480-19) This number in parenthesis is the identifier for the specific Cayce reading. All of the readings are catalogued and available online through the A.R.E.

A healthy diet means you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with a salad for lunch. Drink enough water to maintain hydration, and don’t rush your meals. The right foods support your immune system, in addition to providing numerous other benefits.

Regular exercise is important. You will feel better and it will help you stay positive during the COVID-19 restrictions. If possible, you should get some sunshine each day for vitamin D.

The health benefits of meditation have been studied and are well documented. Meditation will reduce stress and be beneficial for your immune system. The results of meditation are more than just a feel-good effect; meditation has tangible effects on the chemistry of your body. I refer you to a Forbes’ article by Alice G. Walton, Senior Contributor for Healthcare. It was published Sep 6, 2016, and is titled New Clues Into How Meditation May Boost The Immune System. There are numerous other articles easily found with a web search that describe the many physiological benefits of meditation.

Of course, the recording and analysis of your dreams has been the main subject of my posts. Your dreams provide feedback on your daily thoughts and activities. So if you need to make adjustments in either area, you will see it reflected in your dreams. You may be advised to add some activity to your current schedule that will be beneficial, but escaped your conscious notice.

COVID-19 will eventually pass, but it will probably have a lasting effect on our society. Unfortunately, I think it is but an early warning for challenges we will face this decade. The world was not prepared for such an event, even though infectious disease experts knew it was a distinct possibility. Pandemics were the themes of many movies and TV programs, with some being quite prescient. But governments did not take them seriously.

Now is a good time to reevaluate your life. The things I suggested can improve the quality of your life, even during normal times. And they will prepare you for future challenges. The time to make adjustments in your lifestyle is now, not when the next crisis arrives. Find the center of your being and all your fears will dissolve.

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