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Time to Reevaluate

The world is now facing a situation that has been depicted in movies and TV programs. As is often the case, fiction has become reality. World health organizations have warned about the possibility of a pandemic for many years, so this event should not be the surprise that it is to many politicians and world leaders. I do not believe the United States, and most other countries, were properly prepared for a pandemic. The warnings have been clear for a long time, but they were not heeded.

I don’t want to dwell on what is past, but I do think it serves as a reminder of our unpreparedness for the chaos we are going to experience from climate change because of global warming. For now, climate change is pushed to the background. But when COVID-19 has subsided, the dangers we face from the radical changes in climate the world is experiencing will still be with us. If our political leaders refuse to recognize the dangers, as they are doing and initially did for COVID-19, we are going to see a disaster far greater than what we see from COVID-19.

This is a time for all to reevaluate their beliefs and ideals. President Trump has declared today, March 15, a national day of prayer. However, that alone is not going to change the future. We must behave in a way that proclaims our belief in God, not simply set aside a day of prayer. We must demonstrate in our daily words and actions our faith and belief that we are our brothers’ keeper.

In what do you place your faith? In recent years, material wealth and/or technology have become what many worship. People have come to think that technology can solve all their problems. But here we are with life brought to a standstill by a microorganism. And technology has no ready answer. Thousands will die; there is no medicine to magically destroy the virus. All the wealth in the world cannot provide a cure if you have the Coronavirus.

I think that now is a good time for the many people who are staying home to examine their beliefs. What is your ideal? In what do you place your faith? If you believe there is a God, is it just a hope? Or do you have a real sense of the spiritual power that is at the center of your being? Some may ask the following: I want to reach my true inner self, but I don’t know how. I believe there are three ways to connect with a higher power. They are as follows: prayer, meditation, and dreams.

Prayer demonstrates your intent, your willingness to recognize a higher power. And prayer recognizes your desire to seek help beyond your individual ego.

Meditation helps you connect to that higher power. It stills the conscious mind and prepares you to receive an answer to your prayers. It puts you in touch with your inner self.

Dreams provide another way to receive concrete guidance from a higher power. If you seek sincerely, your dreams will provide an answer, regardless of your conscious feelings about the problem or dilemma for which you seek help. You may consciously thing that your situation is hopeless, that there is no answer. But to the Universal, nothing is impossible, and your dreams often provide solutions that never occurred to your conscious mind.

We are at the beginning of a new decade that my dreams have indicated will be very challenging for all humans. Dramatic Earth changes will take place. The government may be helpless to overt some disasters or respond in a timely way to others, and you may be left alone wondering when help will come. Now is the time to find that source of inner strength so you are never truly alone.

We have seen just how fast our perceived material wealth can dissolve when a crisis occurs. The stock market lost nearly thirty percent in a matter of days. Although it has recovered almost ten percent, the turmoil might not be over. What if the crisis took the market down by fifty percent, or more, and the government had to freeze all accounts or close the market for an extended period. Where is your wealth then?

The answer is not accumulating weapons and ammunition. The answer is recognizing your spiritual nature and finding your comfort from within. I do not know how long the Coronavirus will last. I have not seen a dire outcome for the United States. In one dream, it was dark and cloudy outside, but when I opened the door and went out, I discovered the storm had passed and the sun was shining. So maybe it will be short lived. But if not, I am prepared for whatever happens.

Prior to the financial panic, I had a dream one night that I was in a car with another person. We arrived at what appeared to be a national park. As I got out of the car, I spotted a bear and became afraid. I yelled to my companion that I saw a bear. Then I watched as the bear started to move in my direction, but the bear was abruptly stopped because he or she was tied to a tree. I saw a long rope restraining the movement of the bear. At the time, I thought the dream indicated the danger of a bear stock market, but I was not and am still not certain if the dream was saying the bear market will be very limited and restrained. It could be saying that the bear who had been restrained is about to be unleashed, although I did not see that happening in the dream.

Reevaluate your life and values. Do you know your purpose on this Earth? If not, maybe it is time to find out. You can find answers through your dreams, but you must be willing to make the effort. Many books can provide help, but you must do the work on a daily basis to fully realize the benefits of dream interpretation.

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