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Dream about a Rock Hitting the Earth

Two nights ago, I awoke in the middle of the night from the following dream. I was watching a news broadcast about a rock from space that was close to the earth. At first, it was thought that it would miss the Earth. But it did not; it hit somewhere in the region of the North Pole as a thirty kiloton explosion, about twice the force of the Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima. In the dream, I thought the size of the rock was two feet, which seemed far too small for such an explosion. Anyhow, in the dream I was worried about the effect around the world from such an explosion. The news indicated chaos ensued in the area of the impact.

This is a good example of the form taken by many dreams: the use of metaphor and the relationship to one’s daily life. Of course, I always consider the possibility that a dream is literal, although that is not the case for most dreams. But some of my dreams about the Earth, whether it is climate or something else, have later proved to be literal. In this case, I do not believe the dream is literal for the following reason. A rock of the size mentioned in the dream would not cause an explosion of thirty kilotons, even if it reached the surface of the Earth. It is possible that I didn’t remember the size correctly. Anyhow, before you become panicked, consider my alternate interpretation, which I believe is the correct one.

Dreams frequently make use of metaphor to tell a story or deliver a message. Also, dreams usually relate to your current concerns and reflections. In my case, that day I had been thinking about the drone strike on the Iranian general. The rock shooting into the polar region is a good metaphor for the missile striking Soleimani. Our relations with Iran were already frigid—hence the North Pole in the dream. The chaos after the rock struck the Earth symbolizes the chaos in Iraq and Iran after the missile strike. The fact that the news first reported the belief the rock would miss the Earth may relate to reports that the initial thoughts were to call off the done strike. I believe the numbers in the dream are also significant. The number 2 for the size of the rock indicates division, and it could also relate to the size of the missile. Two can be a weak number that indicates great division. The number 30 represents the power of the explosion, but three can represent the trinity of mind, body, and spirit. I believe the destructive force and message of the missile strike has affected all three aspects of life in Iran, and other parts of the Middle East.

In summary, we have the clear metaphor, and the dream related to my thoughts and concerns of the day. So I believe this symbolic interpretation of the dream is the correct one. I believe that the killing of Soleimani will have major repercussions. I do not know the details of the justification for his assassination, but I recall that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary is often listed as the immediate cause of World War I. You can find more on my thoughts about drone strikes in the first topic, Utilitarianism Unmasked, in my book A Prophetic Dreamers Reflections on Life.

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