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Dreams About Your Health

I believe that we all possess one of the best sources of help for maintaining good health. This source is free of charge and readily available to everyone. Of course, I am referring to our nightly dreams, which constantly monitor the state of our physical and mental health.

I was reminded of this by something I read earlier this month. The publication of a new comprehensive medical study warned people that the consumption of three or more eggs a week could be dangerous for their heart health. This study was reported on by CNN on March 15, 2019. (Three or more eggs a week increase your risk of heart disease and early death, study says By Susan Scutti, CNN Updated 5:10 PM ET, Fri March 15, 2019.)

The study reversed the position of doctors who had previously said that consumption of three of more eggs a week was not a problem and people should not be concerned. In my book The Inner Guru, I mention a dream I had many years ago warning me to limit my egg consumption to two eggs a week. When I read about the position of doctors last year on egg consumption, I wondered why I had that dream because they said it was not a concern. Now I know the answer. My dream was correct, despite the position of many in the medical community at that time.

Your subconscious mind is aware of everything that occurs within your body and knows how various foods affect your physical health. You simply have to learn how to listen to the messages from your subconscious. This source of wisdom is not limited to food, but also applies to any medicines that you take. The unconscious levels of mind are always trying to steer us to a path that is healthy, both physically and mentally. People spend huge sums of money to get advice that is readily available to them from their dreams. If you want to have good health and prosper, learn to interpret your dreams.

For most people, I believe the way to good health is simple: get an adequate amount of sleep, eat healthy, have regular exercise, develop a positive outlook, and reduce stress in your life. Your dreams will provide feedback on how you are doing in each area. And they will help you avoid serious illnesses that could have been prevented with simple adjustments to your behavior.

If you ignore your dreams, you may be living under the delusion that everything is fine when it is not. People often convince themselves that they have healthy habits because they really don’t want to face the truth. But the truth is much easier to deal with when there is still time to change. When the heart attack suddenly occurs or you are diagnosed with cancer or some other serious, and potentially deadly, disease, the treatment becomes more challenging and has a greater impact on your quality of life than taking steps for prevention would ever have.

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