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Thoughts Are Things

Most of us are aware that our personal information is often captured and shared without our permission or knowledge. Sometimes this is a result of someone hacking our computer or mobile phone, but sometimes it is due to carelessness on our part. And even if we are not careless and have good security, it is difficult to avoid putting certain personal information at risk. You may have been required to supply your bank, insurance company, doctor, and others with personal information that you would not want available to the public.

Some people aren’t concerned and will willingly post the most personal and intimate information for all to see. People exchange or post intimate videos about themselves and nude photos are frequently exchanged. Even for those who would never reveal such information, from social networking, one could build a detailed profile about how many people spend their days. Just by following someone’s Facebook posts during the course of a day, one can get a good idea of their activities for that day.

I once had a discussion with a corporate lawyer about protecting the confidentiality of some information related to a software product my group developed and supported. He said, “The best way is to not disclose the information to anyone.” He went on to say that he realized that it may not be possible, but the fewer people who knew, the better. His point was that regardless of signed agreements, the risk increases dramatically each time another person becomes privy to the information.

If you really want something to be a secret, tell no one. You may think, surely I don’t mean spouses or partners, or perhaps close friends. You have to decide for yourself. But I am reminded of all the stories I heard discussed over the years in the office about someone’s spouse or person they were dating. I am certain that the subject of the conversation would not have wanted some of the information disclosed that was freely shared with coworkers.

At this point, you may wonder what this has to do with thoughts. Well, thoughts are things and are not private. They have a reality that is often transmitted and shared, even though they are not normal sounds or words. Edgar Cayce, the great 20th century psychic said, “thoughts are things.” They have an electromagnetic reality that can be observed and felt by others. If you are working with your dreams, you will sometimes have a dream in which you are “listening” to another’s thoughts. And another person may be dreaming about some secret of yours. I was quite shocked when this first happened to me. Another person who was just starting to remember her dreams, innocently asked me what a dream about me meant, not realizing that it revealed something I wanted kept secret.

Our thoughts radiate out to others and have an impact. You may interact with someone, and each time you have an uneasy feeling about that person. You search your mind, but can’t find anything you or they have said to create the awkwardness. But the thoughts don’t have to be spoken. If this person is sending you critical or unpleasant thoughts, your subconscious will pick them up and you are left with an uneasy feeling without knowing why. Likewise, the same applies to them if you are the one generating the critical thoughts.

The point is that our thoughts affect other people, not just ourselves. Your thoughts may not be powerful enough to physically harm another person; otherwise, we would have an epidemic of injuries. Nonetheless, they can create feelings of trust and comfort, if they are pleasant, or feelings of aversion, if they are unpleasant. If we harbor thoughts of hate towards another, we are sending real energy to that person that will be received and interpreted by them on a subconscious level. And if that person is already experiencing mental problems, it becomes one more thing they have to deal with.

Your thoughts are not private. I have heard people say that they will only share a portion of themselves; they keep a part of themselves as a protected area that they would never share with anyone. Unfortunately, for them, that is an illusion. Thoughts are things that radiate out into the universe. They do not have the ability to prevent certain thoughts from escaping their individual mind. All minds are connected, regardless of their desire to isolate a part of themselves from all other people.

Thoughts matter and create the life you experience. If you are unhappy with your life or current circumstances, examine your thoughts, which include the memory of your dreams. The solution to your problems lies there.

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