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Climate Change and Weather

Previously, I have written about dreams of climate change and catastrophic weather that may be attributed to climate change. I think we are now in a period when even the deniers are beginning to have second thoughts. The recent fires in California fueled by warm temperatures and dry conditions are said to be the worst in the state’s history in terms of the damage done. The earlier hurricane Michael that hit the Florida Panhandle and destroyed Mexico Beach was the worst in history experienced in that area. And we are hearing similar reports from around the world where catastrophic weather is the worst in recorded history. I have said before in previous posts that my dreams indicate the weather will get worse for many years yet.

In my books, I discuss some maps based on the dreams of Gordon-Michael Scallion. The maps provide a possible future that he saw in his dreams. Recently, I reviewed some maps called “I Am America” produced from visions and information received by Lori Toye. They also show a view of the possible future. The Toye map showing North America after all the changes are completed is similar, but not identical, to the one produced by Gordon-Michael Scallion. All of the maps target the year 2000 or shortly thereafter as when most of the changes will have occurred. Obviously, this did not happen so many think the maps are nonsense.

You can see what the effects to North America would be if all the ice melted in a National Geographic map at While not as dramatic in the western United States as the maps of Toye and Scallion, the effects to the East Coast are equally cataclysmic. Both prophets indicate the actual future geography is up to humans and is still being written. Were the events shown in their maps avoided or just delayed 20 years? Recent occurrences suggest that some of the changes that their maps depict may now be beginning in earnest.

On the internet, I have seen a question raised about who produced the first map. A Wikipedia article indicates that the Lori Toye map resulted from her visions in 1988, and the first copy was available in 1989. Her first vision occurred in 1983. The earliest copyright date on her maps is November of 1988. The earliest copyright date for Gordon Michael Scallion’s book Notes from the Cosmos in which he describes the Earth changes is dated 1987. And the first Scallion map I obtained many years ago is copyrighted 1982. I don’t know if the copyright is when the map was first produced or is for the changes he wrote about that are shown on the map. Anyhow, I have no reason to doubt that the maps were produced independently by the two individuals. Which actual map was first is probably not important.

The “I am America” maps are interesting because they show the changes that could occur in progressions or stages. Each map represents a different stage in the cycle of changes. Text around the maps explains the key events that will occur. I reviewed the maps because I wanted to see if what we are experiencing worldwide fits one of the stages yet. We appear to be experiencing some of the changes described for Map 1. There are five maps in total. A sixth map is referred to by Toye’s source as one that will not be shown to humans. According to her source, we will produce this map by our thoughts and actions. If geographic changes reach Map 2, we will see a much different country and world. Based on the information provided, scientific reports, and my dreams, I am using ten to twelve years for the final picture to evolve, which may not match either map.

The maps of and information about Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye are easily found with an internet search. The maps represent a possible future. My own dreams have indicated that the earth-axis shift described by Gordon-Michael Scallion, Lori Toye, and others will occur and cause flooding of many geographic areas. The scientific view is that such a shift is not likely to occur.

Some may dismiss these maps as products of disillusioned individuals. But they cannot dismiss what is actually happening. While the cataclysmic changes shown in the maps of Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye are still hypothetical, the actual changes occurring today are not. When the changes become so dramatic that everyone accepts what is happening, it will be difficult to avoid the serious consequences of inaction and disbelief. The time to prepare is now. I am NOT prophesying Armageddon, but I am warning that unless greater action is taken by individuals and governments, major Earth-changing events are coming, and it will not be possible to avoid the effects. Even if accelerated programs to deal with climate change are put in place, it may not be possible to prevent all of the predicted changes. Dramatic changes in the geography of the Earth that were not caused by humans have happened in the past. So it is not surprising that they may occur again. But we are causing or accelerating changes in the climate. The consequences will be felt by everyone. You can see this for yourself if you begin to record and interpret your dreams.

Prophets are often criticized, especially when the predicted events do not occur. However, such criticisms may not be justified. Predictions of the future reveal where the future leads if we stay on the current path. This is true for individuals and society as a whole. If we change to another path, then the future will change as well. Dire prophetic messages occur as a warning to change before it is too late. We have free will, and we can exercise that free will to create a different, and better, outcome. Of course, the longer we delay, the more difficult it will be to affect positive change.

Society is very materialistic. I believe that few people seek guidance daily for their activities. Looking within is not in vogue; the focus of most people now is on social networking enabled through gadgets and technology. Their view is external with enormous importance placed on distractions, material possessions, and wealth. Children and many adults are addicted to the applications on their cellphones and tablets with much of the day spent online. I wonder how many spend even fifteen minutes a day in meditation or studying their dreams.

If even a portion of the Earth changes shown happen, they could take down the US economy. The wealth people think they possess could disappear overnight. What would you do if you could not get cellphone reception or an internet connection for an extended period? Most of us are now completely dependent on these technologies. I can speak from experience living in Florida through hurricane Irma that it is not pleasant. For a period of four days, I was without power and cellphone reception. And for two days the restaurants open near me only accepted cash. Fortunately, I was prepared ahead of time by a dream that showed the impending event. I decided to stay in Florida because some family members could not leave. My dream and experiences are described in a November 7, 2017 post called “Reflections on Hurricane Irma.”

The time to prepare is now. If you are connected daily to your inner self, you will know what to do. If you are monitoring your dreams, you will prepared for any impending disaster. You will not panic and feel overwhelmed by events. You will know that true peace and joy come from within, and they can be found in any circumstance. But you cannot simply wait until there is a disaster to look within for help. You may find it difficult or impossible to reach any sense of calm if you have not prepared yourself in advance with daily effort. You simply will not know how to tune in. You will find yourself overwhelmed by events and completely dependent on external circumstances.

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