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Society Reflects Us

This last election, with some incomplete results, shows a much-divided America. Each side in the division looks with scorn and contempt on the other side. Many of the core believers, whether espousing a democratic or republican philosophy, think they are right in all of their beliefs and the opposing views are nothing short of evil. People are now readily demonized based on how they cast their vote. We can no longer talk with one another, and political philosophy now defines our worth as a person.

My many years of studying my dreams has taught me that things are seldom as clear cut as our conscious minds might believe. The conscious mind develops filters during our formative years, and by the time we are adults, we see life through those filters. We think we see life as it is, the real world. But few people see the real world because anything that conflicts with their biases is filtered out and never really seen. The beliefs of our parents, the geographic location where we were raised, our religious training, the school where we were educated, the state of our health, and other influences during our formative years have all gone into creating our worldviews.

Even when I thought I was seeing everything clearly, my dreams have shown me that sometimes my view was not completely accurate. This is one of the great benefits of the study of our dreams. We quickly learn when our approach to a problem or position we have chosen is not correct. This allows us to see things in a broader way and make adjustments before we become completely committed to an erroneous position or bad approach. It is often difficult to see ourselves as we really are, not as we think we are or would like to be seen. But seeing the truth heals and grounds us in reality.

At this time in our society, there is much hate. Many people decry that hate and are quick to find blame. They believe the other person or group is the one responsible for all the hate. In reality, I think many of us contribute in some way. The world we experience reflects the beliefs of the society in which we live. And we are all part of that society. We all need to first examine our own biases and hates—yes, hates— to ensure that we are not contributing to the problem. If we look at people we consider the opposition and cannot find any good in them, we are probably not helping to reduce the fractious forces operating in America today.

Some few may be among the greater contributors to hate. But I think we must all first look within ourselves to resolve our own[JD1] hate before pointing the finger at another person or group. That does not mean we cannot take positions and point out wrongs when we see them. However, we cannot spiel vitriol ourselves and claim we are not contributors to the hate that is so prevalent.

The subconscious mind speaks to us every night through dreams. It assesses what we have thought and done during the awake hours. Some have suggested that it is the soul’s review of each day’s activities. If we want to live a life that is free of illusion, we must unite the conscious and subconscious aspects of ourselves. We can begin to do this through an interpretation and study of our dreams.


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