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Dreams and Disease

In an October post, I wrote the following.

For many years, I have been helping my son deal with health problems. His condition was especially difficult because the doctors were unable to agree on a diagnosis. It has finally been resolved, thanks to a recurring dream he had. I will provide some history of his problems along with the role that his dream played in the final solution. Unfortunately, few physicians have any knowledge of dreams and the role they play in a person’s life. You must do the work yourself, but if you open yourself to this aspect of your life, you will find that solutions are there for every problem. You simply must know how to look.

About eight years ago, my son began experiencing symptoms that included numbness in his hands and feet, joint pain, weakness in his arms, excessive thirst, and frequent urination, as well as some other minor symptoms. His doctor ran tests for diabetes and many other possible diseases. However, the tests were negative for a specific disease, although the blood tests indicated a serious vitamin D deficiency and problem with his calcium level. His family doctor sent him to a specialist, who ran more tests and then sent him to another specialist. During the past eight years, he has seen an internal medicine specialist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and a rheumatologist. After many years of tests, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was put on some medications. However, not everything he experienced seemed to fit that disease, so we continued our own research. We began to feel the diagnosis was not correct, and so did his rheumatologist. Something was going on in his body that had not yet been found, despite visits to nine different doctors.

Now, my son has followed my work with dreams over the years and read my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams, but he did not see the study of dreams as a path he wanted to take. I continued to urge him to look at his dreams because I was convinced the answer to his health problems could be found there. This past year as his condition worsened, he began to pay attention to his dreams. He was scheduled for an appointment In October at the Mayo clinic because his doctor could not determine what was wrong. His wife had thought his neck was swollen, but the doctors didn’t see a problem. Anyhow, he began to have a recurring dream in which a voice said the answer is staring you right in the face. One day the light came on; he realized that he had been staring at his neck in the mirror each morning to see if there was swelling. He was convinced that the dream was telling him the problem was in his neck. So he went to see his rheumatologist and had her check his neck. She did think there was some swelling, and after his pleas, she agreed to order an ultrasound. When she got the results, she immediately sent him to a surgeon. He had a huge tumor on his thyroid gland.

A top surgeon removed his left thyroid the day before his previously scheduled appointment at the Mayo clinic, which was cancelled after the results of the ultrasound, and carefully checked his lymph nodes for any sign of cancer. A lab analysis was performed on the growth, revealing a cancer at its center. But they found no sign of cancer anywhere else. Now, I want to relate a dream that I had right before his surgery.

I dreamed that I was looking at the first car he had purchased on his own. In my mind, the car was strongly identified with him. In the dream, the car had been in bad condition and wasn’t running well at all, but it just came back from an auto shop where an overhaul had been done. I remarked that the car was now running better than it had in years; it was running like new. If you have read my books, you will know that the automobile often symbolizes the physical body in dreams. After the dream, I was convinced that his old energy would come back.

It has been two months since his surgery. A few days ago, we did some Christmas shopping together and talked for several hours over lunch. He said he now has energy he hasn’t had in eight years. Nearly all of his symptoms have gone. He still has some pain due to joint problems, which resulted from his calcium levels being completely off for many years. This is something that he has to deal with because of the many years of a serious imbalance in his body chemistry.

I think there are several observations and lessons here. First, physicians are not God. They rely on current medical knowledge and run known tests when trying to diagnose a problem, although it is very strange that none of the nine doctors thought to run an ultrasound on his neck in eight years. When we began to discuss his problems eight years earlier, our first thought was they were caused by a problem with his thyroid or parathyroid. But the doctors thought otherwise.

Your subconscious mind is aware of the condition of your physical body, and information concerning its condition can be obtained from your dreams. I have seen this repeatedly in my own dreams and have provided several examples in my books.

Recurring dreams are particularly important. The dream recurs because it has an important message that is not being received and understood. I believe that dreams provide one of the most important diagnostic tools available for health issues, but they are routinely ignored by both patient and attending physician alike. I was discussing my son’s experience with my family physician, and I asked her about her training in medical school concerning dreams. She said dreams were not covered at all.

My son has been paying attention to dreams and now has had insightful dreams related to other aspects of his life. Over the years, he listened to my thoughts and beliefs about dreams, but they were only words. Now, he knows because he has experienced the truth first hand. Help is close, but people don’t see it. They look everywhere else for answers except the one place where the answer is easily found—within ourselves.

Finding the truth requires some effort and a willingness to face yourself. It requires a willingness to see that you have created the life you live. This appears to be a difficult thing for people to do. Dreams provide daily guidance and answers for life’s problems, be we have to be willing to listen and act upon the guidance we receive.

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