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Dreams Versus Drugs

Recent news reports about the seriousness of the opioid epidemic are getting attention at the highest levels of government. I am not going to discuss the politics or actions that the government might or should take. Instead, in this post, I am going to focus on what I see as two very different approaches to dealing with life’s problems: working with guidance from dreams and the use of drugs.

If you have read my books or have followed my posts, you already know that I think working with guidance from one’s dreams is a far better way to solve personal problems than the use of drugs, even if prescribed by a physician. There is no shortcut to self-awareness or for finding solutions to life’s problems. We must do the work. And for those who are drug dependent that work will still be there when the effect of the drugs wears off. Their work may be even greater because they have introduced an artificial means to help themselves feel good and now must face the dangers and side effects of the drugs, as well as the original problems. And, of course, they have to pay for the drugs.

Dreams provide a safe way to understand yourself and help you find solutions to even the most difficult problems. When you work with your dreams, there is no withdrawal, no side effect, no addiction, and no financial cost.

There is no drug high that you can experience that you cannot experience in a safe way through true self-awareness. However, there is no shortcut to a mystical experience; tragedy awaits you if you try. You must do the work of resolving each issue that clouds your vision until you see clearly; no one else can do it for you and no chemical is a substitute.

We live in a society that seems obsessed with immediate gratification. The desire for fast food, quick casual sex, and expectations for immediate wealth attest to this. Many who struggle with obesity would like to lose weight by simply taking a pill so they can continue to eat whatever they want. The cry is for a simple, quick fix for every problem.

Guidance from your dreams does not provide an immediate solution to all your problems. Time and effort are required to understand the dream messages and then apply in daily life what you have learned. I do not think the effort required is beyond most people’s capabilities, but a daily consistent effort is required. The rewards are enormous, but you must do the work.

Recently, I received a message from someone via Twitter asking for an interpretation for a dream. I do not interpret other people’s dreams. The purpose of my books and posts is to help you interpret your own dreams because only you can really know the full meaning of the dream and all of its symbols. I do not sell or charge for any kind of prescription service. My books are for sale, but I do not sell anything else.

The synthetic drugs like fentanyl that are finding their way into the market are particularly dangerous. The human body has no experience with such drugs and does not know how to handle them. Drug overdoses and deaths are occurring at an alarming rate as bodies shut down from the onslaught of such drugs. If you are drug free, but someone you know is dependent on drugs, encourage him or her to seek help immediately. In addition to counseling and group programs, longer-term help is available through meditation and dream interpretation for those overwhelmed by problems. Heroin and opioids are not the way and only make existing problems much worse.

I hear stories of people taking drugs because of a breakup with a partner or a failure in a job or school. Whatever happened to facing problems and working through them? Technology has helped us in many ways, but it has also given us better ways to destroy ourselves. Humankind seems to be in a race between using technology to solve the its problems and using technology to destroy itself.

During my lifetime, I have faced challenges that I believe were as great as the challenges faced by many people who regularly use drugs to cope with their problems. However, I did not turn to tranquilizers or other drugs of any kind. The reason is simple: I had a better way. I was fortunate in finding a better way through my search for answers and my study of metaphysics and mysticism. My books and posts is my way of sharing what has helped me find the better path. I believe the answer lies in education, and in my own way, I am trying to provide some of that education.

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