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A Dream About Gold

In the early morning on July 24, I had a very clear dream that involved a meeting with a colleague at Kodak, the company from which I retired. I am not going to give the details of the dream, but I believe the dream indicated there will be a sudden, huge move in the gold market in the near future. Often the time of occurrence of a future event is not indicated in a dream. However, in this one, the business colleague who was integral to the message said it would be soon.

If my dream of last night was my only one related to the gold market, I might not post this yet. However, more than a year ago, I had a brief dream in which a man whispered a message about the future price of gold. That message is consistent with my interpretation of this latest dream.

I think this event may be related to my dreams about the stock market. Perhaps, some event causes major moves in both the gold market and the stock market. Or maybe one market influences the other. In this recent dream about gold, part of it seemed to indicate the move related to currency exchange rates. In a previous post, I said I do not think we will have to wait long to see if my dream about a stock market crash was precognitive. I have a date in mind, but I am not confident enough to post it.

I realize that the stock market continues to be strong and is making new highs daily, although warnings about the potential for a large selloff are becoming more frequent. Often, just before a collapse in a market, there is a strong spike, so I would not be surprised to see more highs in the short term.

I am not a financial advisor and I am not suggesting that someone reading this take any specific action. My purpose in providing dream messages about future events that are potentially global in nature is to show that such events do not just spring from nowhere at some moment in time, but they are registered on a subconscious level long before we become consciously aware. Unfortunately, if I only discussed dreams that related to my own personal future, I think few people would be interested and even fewer convinced that dreams provide the answers that we all seek. When people become aware that dreams can provide financial guidance and insights about Earth changes, often in the way of warnings, they begin to pay attention. Hopefully, more people will begin to investigate dreams and discover their purpose and potential. Maybe then, they will see that dreams can lead them to better and more fulfilling lives.

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