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Dreams about Impending Death

In my books, I have provided some common examples of dreams of impending death. Recently, I have thought about a few others that are not included in my books, but I believe are also dreams of an impending death. The first relates to an actual encounter that occurred many years ago with a co-worker, and the second involves an encounter in a dream with a co-worker.

In both cases, other interpretations are possible, and dreams like these could represent something other than an impending death. People who have such dreams have to evaluate the possibilities based on current conditions and their own dream associations.

The individual in the first example was a man who worked in the company’s manufacturing department. Occasionally, he would pass my office and strike up a conversation. One day I learned that he had some health problems that the doctors were having difficulty diagnosing. During subsequent discussions, he would update me on his progress. Then one day he came by my office to tell me about a strange dream he had experienced the previous night. (He was not aware of my work with dreams.) He said that in the dream he was walking up a spiral staircase to a higher level. He asked me what I thought it meant, but I did not comment. A short time later, he passed away.

In the second dream, which occurred last year, I was in the supermarket I had worked in as a part-time employee while in high school and college. I encountered a co-worker, who was also a friend. In the dream, I said I was glad to see him and wanted to talk with him. However, he said he could not stay and had to leave. He then abruptly left.

I had not seen him or spoken to him since his graduation from college. We attended the same university; he graduated a few years before me and then joined the military. So I was curious about his presence in a dream fifty years later. The answer soon came when I received the latest alumni news a few months later. I learned that he had passed away around the time of my dream.

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