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A Dream About Weather

A week ago, I had a dream that appeared to be about weather. I say appeared to be because that would be a literal interpretation. I think there is also another interpretation that I will describe.

In the dream, I saw a large map. First, my attention was focused on England and surrounding area. A voice said the weather would gradually worsen. My attention was then drawn to the United States. I saw a mixture of colors that were reddish (closer to lavender) in a band extending from north to south in an area that appeared to be around the middle of the country. The band seemed to be moving east. I think there was another band of some type by the West Coast, but I did not focus on it. My attention then focused on the East Coast and a band of green that extended from Maine to the tip of Florida.

If you look up the color codes for weather advisories, there are several possibilities. The reddish colors I saw in the middle of the country seemed closest to the code for extreme wind. And the green band that covered the East Coast would signify a flood warning. Flood effects of climate change are already being felt in areas like Miami Beach.

If we discount the literal interpretation, then we have to think about the possible symbolic meaning of storms and weather related events. England is certainly experiencing some political turmoil due to BREXIT, which appears to be spreading to Ireland. The United States is also experiencing political turmoil due to Donald Trump’s election as President and early decisions. However, I am having some difficulty understanding the color bands and their locations in that context. While the East Coast may represent a different political and economic climate than the middle parts of the US, Donald Trump did receive support in some key East Coast states.

There is a third possibility that the dream relates to my internal states, but I cannot make sense out of the dream in this context.

I think the meaning of the dream will become clear in time. My current feeling is that it is a literal preview of future effects of climate change. I believe the weather will worsen as indicated in some earlier dreams and we will begin to see flooding along the East Coast and violent wind storms in the mid-sections of the country.

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