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Update on Dreams about the Economy and Stock Market

This is my first post since the election. I did not post anything ahead of the election because there is little to say when there are only two possible outcomes. I would have a hard time claiming precognition. In fact, I did not have any dreams about the outcome, but I did see the result while meditating.

Today, I think an update is needed concerning my earlier dreams about the job situation and stock market. Fears by many of a stock market crash prior to the election seem to have subsided, and now there is enormous enthusiasm among investors for President-elect Donald Trump’s plans. The stock market surged after the election and is still rising with many people expecting a new period of growth. This may happen, but the current gains in the stock market are not due to improvements in companies’ earnings. The gains are due to expectations for next year.

If the expectations for the economy fail to materialize, those same people piling into the market may quickly exit, which could result in a market crash. So I am saying that the evidence is not in yet to say that a crash has been avoided. In fact, the conditions may have been created for a crash to occur.

My earlier dream in which a voice said the stock market would crash did not give a timetable for this event. My subconscious could have been tuned into events a year or more in the future. The future for jobs in this country will most likely be interrelated with events that affect the stock market.

It is possible that Donald Trump’s unexpected victory changed the probable future, which included a stock market crash, into a better future. However, it is equally possible that his election ensured a horrific downturn. Sometimes, the market will surge right before a major downturn, so the current activity does not mean all risk is gone. I wish I could say my dream was wrong and meant something else, but while meditating I do not see the stock market reaching 50,000 or even 30,000 in the Dow, as some are predicting. I see a collapse.

Maybe I am seeing this because of my earlier dreams about the stock market. Perhaps my conscious mind does not want to accept that my dream was wrong (or wrongly interpreted), so it is showing me a dire outcome.

I would be more likely to accept this explanation if it were not for my visions before the election. My conscious mind was quite certain the Hillary Clinton would win; there seemed to be little doubt. But as I entered into meditation, I was shown just the opposite. I could not shake the vision of a Donald Trump victory.

Now I can’t shake my dire vision for the stock market. This does not mean that the stock market will change course tomorrow. The Dow may reach the 20,000 mark, and even far beyond. But next year might be a completely different story. And, of course, some event completely beyond the government's control may trigger a crash.

I continue to monitor my dreams and am hopeful that I will have a dream about the economy and stock market by early next year. Any dream or dreams will be posted on my blog and website.

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