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A Dream about a Health Problem

In my latest book, The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future, I describe a brief dream in which an angelic presence came to me and said George (not his real name) has a serious heart problem. After the dream, I asked a relative about the condition of George’s heart and I was told his heart was fine. The relative was not aware of any issues with his heart.

Now, several months later, this same person told me that George recently went to a surgical office for a simple procedure unrelated to his heart and was immediately sent to see a heart specialist. He has a serious problem with his heart. I should add here that I did not take any direct action after the dream because George was already under a doctor's care, and I thought that George just wasn't sharing information about his condition.

The subconscious is constantly monitoring your health and through telepathy receiving information about the health of family and friends. This is one of the important benefits of interpreting your dreams. You can discover incipient health problems before they become critical and potentially beyond treatment.

Some people are afraid of what they may see in a dream, so they block out their dreams. They don't want to hear about anything related to dreams. Of course, this does not change anything; it simply means that an early warning is no longer available and when the problem is finally discovered, it may be too late to treat it.

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