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A Dream about a Stock Market Crash

I dreamed I was looking at a structure that appeared to be a prism of some kind. Through a window, I could see information displayed. A voice said, “The stock market will crash.” A noise emanated from the prism as some kind of processing seemed to be taking place. Then an image came into focus through the window with the number 2005, which I understood to be the year 2005. The dream continued with a personal message for me and then abruptly ended.

I have waited over two weeks to post this because I wanted to reflect on it and see if I received any related dreams. I don’t know if this dream is literal, so I am not predicting a stock market crash. However, an inflated stock market with numerous warning signs suggests that a crash could certainly occur in the not too distant future. This dream coupled with the warning dream I had late last year posted on January 5, 2016, suggests to me the need for real caution.

I have thought about what the number 2005 might represent in the dream. One possibility, since the year 2005 displayed after the message, is that the market would return to 2005 levels, which could happen in a crash.

Many financial experts are now expressing concern about the level of the stock market given a sluggish economy and poor earnings. And events around the world have only added to the risk. If you are invested and concerned, you should speak to a financial adviser. There are ways to minimize risk even if you stay invested.

In the post on January 5, I mentioned a second dream concerning the unemployment rate. I saw it bottoming and then starting a steep rise. If we are at the bottom and my dream is literal, then we should start to see an increase in the unemployment rate. Actually, last month there was a slight increase, despite the good job numbers. I thought it would start to move higher earlier in the year, which didn’t happen. However, that was speculation on my part; no timetable was given in the dream.

From time to time, like now, I post dreams that I think might possibly be about events that could be broader in scope than about my family and me. Unfortunately, a crash in the stock market will not just affect those with investments; the broader economy could be severely degraded with resulting job losses as people pull back on spending.

I hope that my dream is not literal. I don’t want to see the economic chaos that would result with the associated pain many would feel, including family and friends. However, I fear that the world’s hunger for debt has created a situation from which there may be no escape.

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