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A Dream about Rebuilding a Devastated Area

In the evening of the day before the occurrence of the following dream, I was reflecting on what the remainder of the year would bring. I wondered if any major events would occur that might affect the economy.

On 4/28/2016, I dreamed I heard loud noises from outside my villa. I went to a window and viewed a large area that included some tall buildings. Near the buildings was an area that appeared to have been devastated. A bridge had collapsed and roads were caved in or portions had spiked upward. The noises I heard were due to derricks and large earth moving vehicles at work. I walked outside and proceeded down a road. The road abruptly ended where the remainder had collapsed. The part I stood on began to move and I quickly retreated thinking it was not safe.

I don’t know what occurred. I was seeing the aftermath of something, and judging by the destruction, it appeared to be the result of an earthquake. The cleanup was underway. No location was given, but it appeared to be near a large city.

Dreams of this nature often are about psychological events in the life of the dreamer or reflect on non-physical upheavals on a broader level. And this could be the case for this one as well. I am posting this dream because of increased earthquake activity in several areas of the country and a recent warning from USGS about the increased risk of a large quake in southern California in the future.

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