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A Dream about Extraterrestrial Life

The night before last, I had an interesting dream about extraterrestrial Life. It was one of four dreams recalled in the morning and does not appear to relate to the other three.

In the dream, I was standing near a newsstand. I looked over at the assortment of magazines and newspapers stacked on the stand. All of the cover pages were similar and “shouted” out the existence of extraterrestrial life. Various pictures were shown, including the supposed remains of an alien. The headlines all highlighted the word extraterrestrial or alien. The story was the lead on every publication and dominated the news.

Now extraterrestrial life is not a subject in which I have any particular interest. I am aware of the chatter on the Internet concerning the subject, and many are still hopeful of finding evidence for life elsewhere in the universe. However, this was more than evidence for some type of organic life; the publications indicated that evidence existed for visits by alien life forms at some previous time in the earth’s history. And this evidence was now released by the government.

There are probably three main possibilities for the meaning of this dream: symbolic, literal, and literal incorporation of a movie or TV program. Since dreams are not normally literal, at least in every aspect, it is likely that my subconscious just fabricated my dream experience by using alien lifeforms to symbolize something else. If I can understand what they symbolize, then I can begin to unravel the meaning of the dream. If the dream is precognitive, perhaps something will dominate the news that is like a story of extraterrestrial life in some way. The deciphering of the dream is finding the correct association.

The second possibility is that some startling revelation will be made about extraterrestrial life that dominates the news. The only reason I consider this as a possibility is the high degree of correlation between my dreams and actual events that later occur.

The third possibility is that I will watch a TV program or movie has the theme I encountered in the dream. The newsstand in the dream suggests the news media will be involved in some way. Yesterday I did have an experience with TV that may relate to the dream. I watched the Charlie Rose hour, which consisted of a roundtable discussion by various media experts on the current front-runners in the primaries for the presidential nomination. Much of the discussion centered on Donald Trump, who seemed to be regarded as unlike any other politician. The expression he is from another planet might be an apt description of their view.

My purpose in presenting this dream is to provide insight into how I undertake the interpretation of a puzzling dream. I consider all the possibilities, and often I do not know which one is correct until some later event occurs. Sometimes the associations in the dream become obvious as I reflect on the past day or experience the events of the current day.

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