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Dreams Concerning Unemployment and the Stock Market

A few days ago, I dreamed that a man was showing me a graph of the unemployment rate. The graph showed the rate falling during the past several years as job growth has lowered the unemployment rate to 5.0% from a thirty-year high of 10% in 2009. I saw the bottom of the graph, and from there it started to rise again. Now, I don’t know if November’s 5.0% represents the low, or December’s numbers will represent the low. The unemployment numbers for December will be reported on Friday, January 8, 2016.

As always, it is possible that the dream is symbolic of something else and is not related to unemployment at all. However, at this time I cannot find another interpretation that makes sense. Also, my past dreams involving graphs like the one in this dream have usually been literal.

Although I do not predict stock market moves, I think that now is a good time to be cautious. The stock market has started the New Year on an ugly note, and world events are certainly not encouraging.

Late last year, I had a dream in which a person appeared as an adviser who provided some information about the stock market. He named two widely traded stocks, American Express and Disney, as stocks that experienced problems in 2015, which is well known. He said that their performance was not the result a selloff in the broader market.

(American Express followed a down trajectory, except for small rallies, all year. Disney headed higher until early August when it dropped, later recovered, and then dropped again. It still finished the year higher, but well below its highs for the year.)

He then said that they were indicative of a prior stage to a massive selloff, and he showed me how a massive selloff would look. I do not know if this means a major selloff is inevitable, and if so, when it will occur or how great it will be in numeric terms.

At this time, I would say I consider it a warning and the need to be cautious. I do not know how the stock market will perform in 2016 and am not providing financial advice. For financial advice, you should consult with a financial adviser. I think most financial experts are already telling people to be cautious in 2016 considering the slow global growth and numerous potential risks to the world economy.


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