Astral Projection

October 31, 2015

Some teachers of metaphysics have said that we routinely leave our bodies during sleep. I know of occasions when I was certain I was out of body and not just having a normal dream. In one of my previous posts called Dreams and Two Aspects of Mind (1/30/2015), I gave an example of a dream involving astral travel. I have had numerous others over the years.


About month ago, I had an interesting experience related to astral projection while waking up. I had read a long time ago that if we were alert and kept watch, eventually we would catch ourselves leaving or entering our bodies as we fall asleep or awaken.


In my case, I was starting to wake up, not yet fully conscious, when I became aware of myself making a fast rotation like a spinning top as I reentered my body. So I did indeed catch myself returning from a nightly sojourn.

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