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Dreams and the Stock Market Plunge

In an earlier post, I indicated that I am reluctant to relate dreams that I have had which deal with the stock market. I do not want to be responsible for someone else’s financial decisions. I am not a financial planner. Also, my dreams that convey messages about the markets are experienced by me to address my concerns at a given moment in time. They may not literally be about the stock market. In any case, they may be of little use to someone else and can even be misleading. Your answers to concerns you may have need to come from your own dreams. The main emphasis of my posts has been to encourage you to get help from your dreams and show you how to proceed. The objective is not to show you how to get rich, but to show you how to become a better you and experience a richer life.

I write this today because of the recent plunge in the stock markets in the US and around the world. You may wonder if I have had any dreams about this sharp downturn. I will say that my dreams continuously monitor all aspects of my life, often previewing events to come. So this applies to my financial health as well as my mental and physical health. My dreams sometimes relate to my investments and do provide warnings when appropriate. I do not know what the stock market is going to do next week or next year, but I am warned when I take some action that might be risky or when economic conditions change. Sometimes I am advised to purchase an asset that will do well in the future, as described in my book.

A few months ago, I saw a sharp correction or downturn in the market as a distinct possibility. This should not surprise anyone because the market has been overdue for a correction. The market goes through cycles and corrections naturally occur. However, I am concerned that the market has been driven to an artificially high level by the Federal Reserve. In fact, a year or more ago I dreamed that the bull market was experiencing a drug-induced marathon run, which I believe was due to the Federal Reserve’s actions concerning quantitative easing and keeping interest rates near zero. In the actual dream, I was told the market was at a 54-year high. I associated the number 54 with Studio 54, where drug use was reportedly common. In other words, the market was on a drug-induced high, and I took the drug to be the actions of the Federal Reserve.

If you want to feel more secure about your investments and any financial decisions you make, get a financial adviser and pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams are not a magic genie you can stroke to make you rich, but at times advice from your dreams may be forthcoming that greatly benefits you financially. If you have the right purpose and keep your life in balance, you will receive guidance and benefits from your dreams. In any case, you should have a financial plan. If you have investments, you may want to see a financial planner who can help you structure a plan to meet your needs.

My longer-term concern about the health of the economy involves climate change. The economic impact of these changes can be monumental. Without considerable preparation by the US and other nations, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and severe flooding and drought can devastate the world’s economies.

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