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Sex Dreams

Sex is a subject that many associate with dreaming due to the Freudian view that dreams represent our repressed drives and desires. A good source for the basics, particularly for teenagers experiencing wet dreams, is WebMD. This site also references a study in which 8% of the adults had dreams with some sexual content. However, one should accept these results with caution since the average age was about thirty, so the group was not representative of the broader population.

The 8% of dreams with some sexual content, which includes kissing, intercourse, and masturbation, might be lower than many people expect. With the enormous focus on sex in our everyday lives, from news to entertainment, 8% does seem like a low number. However, this is what the study found.

There are many possibilities in sex dreams, from an expression of conscious desires continued into the dream cycle to symbolic representations of other situations that nothing to do with sex. I find that an intimate or deep verbal intercourse with another is often shown as sexual intercourse in a dream. This may occur with someone of the same sex or opposite sex. So if you dream that you have had intercourse with someone of the same sex, do not assume that this means you have homosexual tendencies. That is one possible meaning. However, another equally likely meaning is that you had a deep conversation with another person where real bonding occurred, and had nothing to do with the sex act or having sexual desire for that person.

Both types of dreams, symbolic of a bonding and indicative of homosexual activity, were found in the Cayce readings. Often the sex dreams were warnings about the dangers of irresponsible or excessive sex. Some will find the Cayce view of sex difficult to accept, and others will applaud it. In his readings, he states that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is unacceptable to God. Of course, one might ask what he means by marriage. However, regardless of the definition, I think that few would consider the relative free sexual expression that occurs nowadays as constituting what Cayce and most others mean by marriage, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual.

Edgar Cayce strongly believed in the bible and claimed he read it once for every year of his life. He was active in the Disciples of Christ church, and during his early life, he would be probably be considered mainstream in his Christian beliefs. The life readings he gave that referred to previous lives began to change that. He eventually accepted reincarnation, but it was only after a long struggle with what he initially considered a strange concept that he worried was counter to biblical teachings.

I think one can naturally question whether Cayce’s personal views affected the information that came through him in a reading. During the readings, his biblical views based on his Christian upbringing did not filter out references to past lives and the doctrine of reincarnation he found foreign in his waking state, but his personal views of sex and marriage could still have colored the readings.

Some believe there is a need for chastity to achieve true spiritual enlightenment. In the early 1990s, a great many people were shocked when it was revealed by a woman that Jiddu Krishnamurti had carried out a long love affair with her mother and the wife of his close associate. This was particularly shocking because many thought that Krishnamurti was above sexual desires and had achieved a spiritual state without carnal desire. As a young man, some thought that Krishnamurti was the second coming that the world waited for, and an entire spiritual organization was built around him.

You must always remember that your dreams are about you. If you find warnings in your dreams about your sexual activity, don’t try to make a general statement that applies to all of society out of it. Look at yourself, your beliefs, and your activity. Is your activity consistent with your moral code, or does it violate it? Is your action beneficial to you and others around you? Or does it expose you or others to dangers such as disease, emotionally instability, or responsibilities for which you and they are ill prepared?

There is nothing free about free love. Many teenagers have seen their college and career dreams evaporate as the result of a momentary bad decision. And even excessive safe sex that you feel you can handle emotionally does not protect your partners from psychological or emotional trauma, and it may indicate you have an addiction. We affect everyone we contact; we leave them better off or worse off as the result. And if we leave them worse off, that is something we will eventually have to face in ourselves.

During my life, I have encountered several women whose lives were inalterably changed during their early teenage years as the result of a disastrous sexual relationship for which they were not ready. They gave themselves to their partner totally, believing it was true love. And when it ended badly, they were devastated. Years later, they were still struggling with deep-seated psychological problems and wounds that may never heal. And perhaps the young men also carried with them unresolved psychological trauma.

There are other dreams with sexual connotations that normally are not related to sex. Sometimes in a dream, you may see someone naked, or find yourself partially or completely naked. The dream could be saying the other person is an exhibitionist or you are an exhibitionist, but more often it is because someone has become exposed emotionally. If you see another person naked in a dream, the person who is exposed in waking life is probably not that actual person. The person naked in the dream is someone who reminds you of the person actually exposed.

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