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Literal Dreams

I have mentioned literal dreams in several of my posts, but only in connection with some other topic. In this post, I focus entirely on literal dreams. First, let me define what I mean by a literal dream. I consider a literal dream one in which the story or message is literal. If you dream that you meet someone and have an unusual conversation, the dream would be literal if this meeting and conversation actually occurs just like in the dream. Suppose you have a friend or a family member who has just been diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer. This individual meets with you or calls you to tell you the diagnosis. If you dream about this event as it actually occurs, the dream would be literal.

Now, it is possible that you may have a dream in which a portion of it is literal, but symbols are also present. If in the above example, you dreamed that someone else was telling you about the cancer. The message may be literal, but the person delivering it could be a symbolic representation of the person with the disease. In this case, the person in the dream will usually remind you of this other person in a striking way, so the subconscious mind through association used this other person to symbolize the individual with the actual disease.

A telephone dream can be a literal dream as far as the message is concerned, but in your conscious state, you do not receive a telephone call. The telephone in the dream is there to tell you that you are receiving a communication from your subconscious that is often contains a critical message. In my case, one night the telephone rang in a dream with a disturbing message. The voice on the other end said your son is in trouble. This dream occurred a long time ago, and at the time, my son was in preschool. Unknown, to my conscious mind, my son was having a serious problem with an older, larger boy in the preschool who was a bully. Perhaps, there were signs my conscious mind missed. This was a chaotic period in my life and many things undoubtedly escaped my conscious awareness. However, this situation did not escape my subconscious awareness, so it made my conscious mind aware through a dream. My subconscious considered the message too important to put it in a dream with symbols that I might not interpret correctly.

I have found that dreams in which I receive a warning about some action I have taken or am considering taking also often contain literal messages. The message could be delivered via the telephone, but my dreams usually deliver the message through a voice without any association with a person. I just hear a loud background voice that delivers the warning.

The voice does not have to be delivering a warning for the message to be literal. The voice may advise you to take a certain action that would be in your best interest, but either you are unaware of the opportunity or are procrastinating. Once I dreamed that a voice said now would be a good time to buy puts on the market. I did not take any action, but the market did take a dramatic downturn within a week or two of the dream.

I have had many dreams in which a voice comments on the health of an individual who is a close friend or family member. In one I dream I had recently, an angelic presence in a dream suddenly approached and said the following: George (not actual name) has a heart problem. Of course, this dream could be symbolic, but based on what I know about George, I think it is literal. Other times, especially when I am concerned about the health of someone, a voice will give me an update on the state of the person’s health.

If you have a telephone dream, or hear a voice as I have described, pay close attention to the dream. The message could be of critical importance to you. I should add that some of my dreams about earth changes such as a certain coastal city not being safe after the earth axis shifts were delivered in this fashion. I give more credence to these dreams being literal indications of future events than my symbolic dreams about earth changes, which could just as well be about internal or external events in my own life. A similar comment applies to economic events such as sudden major changes in the financial markets.

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