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A Potentially Cataclysmic Event

There is an article in the July, 2015 issue of The New Yorker called The Really Big One by Kathryn Schulz that caused me to reflect on a dream from many years ago. The article is about a seismologist’s view that there is a significant probability of a major quake in the Pacific Northwest within the next 50 years. The area is in the Ring of Fire, and the Cascadia fault zone is off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Scientists know that earthquakes in certain regions where there are fault zones tend to repeat with a known cycle, which is independent of current climate changes, and they have discovered that this is one of those regions.

The projections are not due to some prophet calling for destruction in that part of the world. They are are based on known data and scientific projections about potential quakes in that region. Earthquakes have occurred there before every few hundred years on the average and the next one is already overdue. The article that describes this with all the details is well worth the read.

My interest, as I stated, is due to a dream I had concerning the city of Seattle, which is in the zone of impact should a major quake occur. The dream occurred a long time ago, and it was during a period when I was reflecting on potential earth changes. One night I dreamed a major quake had struck the region with a severe impact on Seattle. The top part of the space needle had broken off and fallen to the ground. The city had been inundated and was under several feet of water.

Seattle was not an area I ever traveled to on business, and normally would not think about this particular city. Of course, as I have stated in other posts, this destruction in Seattle could symbolize some event that occurred in my life at that time. However, due to the recent article and likelihood of a major quake in that region, I think my dream could also have been a reflection of a future event. Perhaps at the time of the dream, when I was reflecting on possible quakes in California, my subconscious tuned into an occurrence in the Pacific Northwest it saw as a future event. What triggered it doesn’t matter; it is worth considering as a potential warning.

I do not live near Seattle and have no plans to visit that area, so I am not at risk should a seismic event occur. However, there are millions of people potentially impacted by such an event. My advice to those living in high-risk areas is to be alert to warnings from your own dreams. If you are meditating and working with your dreams on a daily basis, you will not be caught unprepared. If you are at risk and have no desire to experience a catastrophic event, I believe your own inner guidance will provide warnings in advance of such events. Note that I say have no desire to experience such events because some people actually crave what they consider as the excitement of being in a potentially life-and-death struggle.

If you wait until a disaster occurs to try to tune into your inner self, to get guidance from your dreams, you may find it is too late. Learning how to decode your dreams takes time and practice through regular effort. A disaster doesn’t suddenly give you that ability. A similar comment can be made about meditation. If you have not been meditating on a regular basis, you may find it impossible to meditate during a crisis. Louis Pasteur made the statement, "chance only favours the mind which is prepared" often quoted as “chance favors the prepared mind.” I would like to add the statement, survival and prosperity in the time of disaster favors those who are prepared.

I am reminded of a story told by one of my English professors in college. He said he was taking his oral exam for the Ph.D. when he was asked a question about what he considered an unimportant reference he could not recall. He responded by saying he could always look it up if he needed it. The questioning professor said, “You need it now.”

Our physical life is fragile indeed. If you place all of your trust in you wealth, job, and the stability of your environment, during a major disaster you will discover how quickly your sense of security can disappear. A house, personal possessions, and job can all be gone in an instant. True security comes from a sense of attunement with your inner self and higher consciousness; it does not come from the material. During my lifetime, I have experienced power outages and blocked roads because of storms. I was never in serious danger, but without power and easy access to stores, I realized just how dependent we all are on technology and accessibility. I think people who have grown up with tablets and mobile phones will be quite challenged if they have no cell phone access and are without power for their homes. Yet, this is something many may come to experience.

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