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Three Recent Precognitive Dreams

A week and a half ago, I had an interesting dream that is typical of many of my dreams that reflect the highlights of the next day. In the dream, I was talking with someone about a two-dimensional barcode. Data was being encoded in the barcode in a strange way. As the string of numbers was parsed, the representation of each digit was placed in the barcode on a certain row and column with no order structure apparent. The other person in the dream asked me if I understood how it worked. I said I did, and I told him someone just needed to write a program that did a table lookup to determine where to place the digit in the barcode based on the table. The table was key to the placement of data in the barcode.

A voice in the dream gave me a number that was four or five digits and said it was my identification. This number related to the barcode in some way. For clarification, I should add that I was once responsible for a font group that created digital barcode fonts, among other things, used for printing on commercial high speed ink-jet printers.

The next day was Sunday. I had just published a new post the previous day and did not plan to spend any time on my computer. I thought about going out for the day, but as the day progressed, I decided against it. Then late in the afternoon, I found myself on my computer. I suddenly decided, at least so I thought, I would start collecting my blogs into a book format. As I did, I realized that I had to do considerable rearranging of the order of the posts. I had to select the post and then decide where to place it in the book based on the product I had in mind. The product was a certain arrangement of the posts by topic and required my creating a mental table for the blog post location based on the topic. The dream played out and as always captured the salient parts of my activity.

About a month ago, I was awakened by a disturbing dream. The dream was brief and straightforward. Something happened in the area of my upper right molars. What appeared to be a bundle of nerves hung down from a section in my mouth. I was shocked in the dream and thought I had better go to the dentist immediately. Upon awakening, I checked for any pain or discomfort in that part of mouth, but could not find any. The teeth seemed fine, and I had never experienced any problems with the teeth in question.

I have often observed that if my dreams reflect a future event of this type, the actual event may not occur for a few weeks. Now, early last week or a few weeks after the dream, I noticed a sensitivity in that part of my mouth after eating some crunchy items the previous day, making it difficult to chew. I waited a few days to see if I had just irritated a tooth by what I ate or by grinding my teeth at night. The discomfort did not worsen, but it did not improve either.

On Sunday night, I had the following dream. I dreamed I was with a man walking along a road that passed a housing development with houses on each side. The man was a colleague at my old job in an executive position who happened to be English. We were going toward a building that housed two companies. He expressed concern over the presence of two companies in the same building. He was trying to determine which company caused some kind of problem involving them.

One thing I associate with the English is dentistry because of the stereotype of the English having poor dental care. I believe the dream meant the following. The houses represented my teeth. The walk was a journey through my mouth with the dentist, symbolized by the Englishman. His concern over the two companies represented some kind of concern over two teeth.

The next day, I was driving home from the mall, which takes me past my dentist’s office. I suddenly found myself turning into the parking lot, even though on Sunday I had decided to give it another week before making a decision about a visit to the dentist. I went into the office about 3:00 PM and the receptionist said she could get me in at 5:00 PM. When the dentist saw me at 5:00 PM, the dental assistant had already asked me questions, taken an X-ray, and checked for sensitivity on two molars. The dentist was very thorough, but despite his best efforts, it was not clear which of two teeth was the problem. One molar had a crown so it was not possible to determine the state of the underlying tooth. It is possible I irritated both. Right now, I am in monitoring mode and have another visit scheduled for August. If it was just an irritation from something I did like eating the crunchy food, it might clear up. I will look for further dreams that might indicate any needed action.

I should state very emphatically that in the case of the barcode dream and the second dream about the dentist, I did not intend to engage in the activity reflected in dreams when I started the day. These activities were not something I thought about before retiring the previous evenings to precipitate the dreams. The day after the barcode dream, I had no plans to access my computer when the day started. And my trip to the dentist appeared to be a spontaneous decision. Yet both dreams reflected the next day’s activities accurately before I even knew what I was going to do.

I am not implying from my examples that these are the only recent precognitive dreams. These dreams were selected because I could easily describe the circumstances surrounding their occurrence. My dreams continue to reflect the next day’s key activities, events, and interactions. However, for some dreams a great deal of information would have to be provided for someone else to understand their meaning. Also, sometimes the information is highly personal relating to others as well as myself, so is not used in examples.

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