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Reassurance from Dreams

Your dreams do not just focus on problem areas of your life. There are times, especially after a series of dreams dealing with some character deficiency or inappropriate behavior, when you may feel that you are hopeless and can never be OK. However, dreams do not just tear down; there is also a building process. When you are on the right path, you will receive strong reassurances from your dreams.

Indications that you are moving in a positive direction can occur in a variety of ways. In a dream, you may have just made a right turn onto a highway. For spiritual progress, you may find yourself in a plane that has just lifted off, or are swimming effortlessly in a pool. One time, when I achieved a degree of success in overcoming a negative in my life, I encountered and shook hands with a person I knew whose last name was Victor. Sometimes you simply receive a test paper back with a grade of A or B. The subject will give you the clue about the aspect of your life that has shown great improvement or success.

You may also receive reassurance concerning some issue in the following way. You hear a voice or meet a dream adviser who delivers a message such as the one I received when working on my book. In a frenzied effort to get it finished, my energy became depleted and I did not feel well. In a dream, my adviser said he could guarantee that I would be back to normal in about six months. And I was.

During one of the darkest times of my life, when I was without of job and almost out of money with a wife and young child to support, I had a vivid dream that provided a strong reassurance that everything would be all right. In the dream, I was told that I would have enough money to make it through the bleak period and find a new purpose in life. The dream was completely accurate. The money lasted until I had a job, and I did indeed find a new purpose in life.

Names in dreams can also be used to deliver both reassurances and directions. Your subconscious mind does not just pick names at random. Every item and word in a dream has a purpose. If you are told you should see Christopher for help with a problem, it doesn’t take much effort to see the possible reference to Christ. I gave an example in an earlier post of being to move to Tallahassee in a dream. A little parsing and rearranging of letters of the word reveals the following: T has all see. And T is an obvious reference to cross. In short, I was being told to carry my cross as an answer to my struggles at that point in time.

If you meet or shake hands with a person in a dream, pay close attention to the person’s name like Christopher or Victor. Does the name have a meaning in ordinary use? Try parsing the name for clues as to the meaning. If that doesn’t yield anything, think about people you may know who have that or a similar name. What do those people represent to you? What is your association? If the person has a title such as a medical doctor, the name may give a clue about the type of treatment needed for a medical condition.

Places you visit or are told to visit can be particularly important. Usually, the dream is not telling you to go literally to that place. The place, a location such as an island surrounded by water or a city such as Tallahassee, is the key to the meaning. The dream can be a positive affirmation of changes you have recently made, such as a trip to Manhattan Island in a dream may be indicative of a new spiritual state. Someone outside the US may dream of moving to the United States, which may reflect a unification occurring within his or her life.

Of course, the overall mood of the dream is extremely important. Positive dreams may leave you well rested with a feeling of peace and connection to all life around you. Your personal appearance may also signify accomplishment. You may see yourself with hair combed or be dressed in new attractive clothes. As mentioned in an earlier post, the colors of your clothes such as blue purple or lavender may indicate a spiritual approach and a new awareness.

You may receive money in a dream. You may suddenly discover money or something else you associate with wealth. Some recent action may have caused you to recognize the positive in your life. The amount of money can also further indicate the type of wealth found. The numbers one and seven or multiples thereof are often spiritual symbols.

We do not progress in life in a straight line. Sometimes we are in a positive period and in a state of relative bliss, and other times we may feel like everything is a challenge with progress slow and painful. We go through cycles, and as we do we experience these cycles in our dreams. So even if your present dreams appear critical, this does not mean your life is a waste. You need to pay attention to the guidance you receive and make necessary adjustments in your life. Then when that cycle finishes, you will find your dreams more positive and affirmative. Each day is new and presents new challenges and opportunities. We are always in a state of expanding our knowledge and awareness and finding new ways of challenging ourselves as we experience our creativity.

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